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Selected launches first 100 percent sustainable collection

By Huw Hughes



Danish brand Selected has launched its first 100 percent sustainable collection for both men and women: Selected Lab.

The all black collection features a total of 16 items for Selected Femme and 16 items for Selected Homme spanning outerwear, shirts, trousers, shoes, belts and tailoring, with prices ranging from 39.99 euros to 349.99 euros.

Every component of the collection, including the fabric, lining, cuffs, thread and buttons has been created using sustainable methods, according to Selected. The Bestseller-owned brand has been ramping up its eco-efforts for the past two years and has set itself a goal to make each collection more durable than the last, working with the mantra ‘ASAP’ - as sustainable as possible, as quickly as possible.

Poul Bendixen, brand buying manager at Selected, commented: “Developing Selected Lab was an internal project on Pioneered Product Development, to see how far we could take the idea of creating the most sustainable product. The result is a fashion forward collection, that will last in your wardrobe.”

Photo courtesy of the brand

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