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SHATSU presents Spring/Summer '25 collection at Welcome Edition in Paris

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SS25 Credits: SHATSU

The late 2023-launched shirt brand SHATSU, based near Amsterdam, will focus on international growth from Spring/Summer '25. Owner Menco Nieuwenhuis states, "Welcome Edition is a logical next step for this journey."


SHATSU launched its own online store at the end of last year, opened the multi-brand BALLPARK Store (where SHATSU finds a place alongside brands such as Drake's, Filson, Sebago, and ArmorLux) in collaboration with Brand Agency BALLPARK STUDIOS earlier this month, and is now kicking off the buying season at Welcome Edition in Paris.

Nieuwenhuis comments, "Everything we do with SHATSU's shirts is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity at the intersection of fashion and comfort. With our designs, we seek to blend the elegance of Japanese aesthetics with the dynamism of contemporary menswear." SHATSU's collection is designed in Weesp, now a municipality of Amsterdam, and produced in Portugal, north of Porto.


SHATSU's Spring/Summer '25 collection is largely inspired by ancient Okinawa and honors the rich culture and traditions of this Japanese island. This inspiration is especially reflected in the color and fabric use. Nieuwenhuis explains, "We only work with high-quality materials, with even more room for linen and ramie this season, often dyed with natural products such as carrot and beetroot."

Credits: SHATSU

Next to an extensive range of long-sleeve shirts, where the button-down remains the highlight, the collection is enriched by several designs in short sleeves. "Of course, the kimono cannot be left out of our collection either," says Nieuwenhuis. The fit of all items for Spring/Summer '25 is naturally comfortable.

SS25 Credits: SHATSU

Welcome Edition

"In my humble opinion, the importance of Welcome Edition is growing, especially for a brand like SHATSU, which can move along a line between workwear and formal wear within the collection," says Nieuwenhuis. "Pitti is still good for a decent dose of inspiration, but - I was there for four days last week - it does feel a bit stale by now. Paris is buzzing, and we see the top international retailers visiting."

Event details

  • Welcome Edition Paris
  • Adres: 22 Rue de la Roquette
  • Stand: Number 10

Menco Nieuwenhuis - menco@shatsu.cc - +31 6 40 37 46 73

Rachel Venneker - rachel@shatsu.cc - +31 43 43 73 88

Outside the fair, the collection can be seen in the showroom or in the in-house multi-brand by appointment.


  • Nieuwstad 14
  • 1381 CC Weesp


  • BALLPARK Store
  • Slijkstraat 11
  • 1381 AX Weesp