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Shopify announces new tools, including AI powered search

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Shopify to use AI in semantic search Credits: Shopify

E-commerce provider Shopify is introducing over 100 updates in its Winter '24 Edition, a biannual showcase of the latest products and innovations. These updates aim to enhance merchant productivity and creativity significantly.

In response to the evolving search behaviors of customers, Shopify said it is launching Semantic Search, an AI-powered storefront search feature. Going beyond traditional keyword matching, Semantic Search understands buyer intent, allowing users to formulate more intuitive search queries. For instance, if a buyer asks, "what would I wear skiing in freezing temperatures," the algorithm recognizes the intent and provides relevant results, even without an exact keyword match. This feature will be accessible through the free Shopify Search & Discovery app.

Deann Evans, Managing Director, EMEA, at Shopify, noted, "Customers’ demands for better commerce experiences are ever-changing, and we’re constantly working to optimize our foundations to keep our merchants at the forefront of innovation." Shopify is also introducing Subscriptions, a free app enabling merchants to set up and manage subscriptions directly through the platform. This app enhances customer experience by providing flexibility in modifying subscription orders, such as skipping an order or updating payment details.

New B2B capabilities

To cater to the growing integration of B2B functionality in ecommerce, Shopify is launching two features. Headless Storefronts allow merchants to create highly customized buyer experiences for wholesale customers while utilizing their preferred tech stack. This offers a unique, personalized experience without the need for an entirely new platform. Additionally, Sales Representative Permissions enable B2B merchants to streamline operations by assigning sales teams to customers within the Shopify platform.

Rich Mason, Head of Enterprise, EMEA, at Shopify, emphasized the significance of these updates in the evolving landscape of online B2B commerce, stating, "By expanding our B2B offering, Shopify is empowering them to strengthen their customer relationships and unlock new sales in a secure environment."