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Sneaker store Afew launches first own sustainable sneaker

By Simone Preuss

4 Aug 2021


After successful collaborations with brands like Nike, Adidas, AsicsTiger, Diadora and KangaROOS in recent years, German sneaker store Afew Goods has launched its own sneaker. The development of the Yamasura “Soil” took three years and eleven trial runs, as Afew used no existing model as a template but rather designed the shoe from scratch.

“Our goal was to create the ultimate running shoe with the cool look of the 80s and 90s. The Yamasura ‘Soil’ colourway is symbolic of the foundation we laid with our shoe for Afew Goods. For the midsole design, we took inspiration from the Ferrari Testarossa. For the design inspiration of the two-tone outsole, we used our Afew Goods logo,” explains Afew in a press release.

Yamasura “Soil” by Afew is sustainable and made in Portugal

Thus, the sole of the Yamasura “Soil” is made of the special Bloom algae material “Bloom Algae EVA”. By combining it with normal EVA, each sole can clean 16 liters of water and 10 cubic meters of air.

Afew did not take the decision where to produce the shoe lightly either: after meeting with 15 different manufacturers, the company chose Tofel in Portugal.

“For the first ‘Soil’ colourway, we used a combination of synthetic (vegan) suede, nubuck leather and mesh. The upper is combined with a recycled PU insole and Bloom Algae EVA midsole. Almost all fabrics are sourced in Europe,” says Afew.

The first few pairs of the new “Soil” went on sale on Saturday for a price of 210 euros (around 180 British Pounds/249 US dollars) and are already sold out. Now the store will have to make sure to restock soon to meet demand.

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