The next six months may offer some of the prettiest clothes we've seen in ages, making scope for dressing to suit individual shapes: full skirts, pencil skirts, flares, drainpipes, 1930s, 1920s, elements of punk - its all there. But beware; some trends are meant to be avoided (i.e. tie-dye, prom dresses and luxe sports suits).

You can't go wrong, however, with a printed dress, skirt or top. The bolder the print the better. Look out for kitsch 1950s tourist-souvenir prints a la Prada.

Wear them with round-toed, suede shoes, possibly gilt trimmed. Great with vintage-y dresses or jeans.

If you didn't buy a trench coat last year, do so this year. Especially one with a warm (and preferably detachable) lining, such as Burberry's. Pricey perhaps, but definitely a long-term investment. Otherwise a cropped jacket with three-quarter length sleeves.

Almost every colour is big this spring, from café au lait to yellow, with lots of murky Prada colours - saffron, bronze and brown - making pastels look horribly madame-esque. Still, if pastels look best on you, those Prada shades might be chic, but do not go well with pale skin. Something leaf or green - probably a bag or shoes - will prove versatile, colour-wise.


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