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SS21 colour trend

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

1 Jun 2020


In the psychology of colour, certain hues can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. In a post-pandemic world, shoppers will be seeking comfort, honesty and inspiration. Looking toward spring summer 2021, the colour palette will veer towards reassuring tones, like elevated neutrals and naturals, away from high tech and artificial intensity.

Much like interior design, fashion is embracing timeless and trans-seasonal shapes and colours. Enter brown tones, where shades of coffee, wheat, copper and tan form a new cornerstone of colouring that is here to stay. Comforting hues like indigo and soft greys are timeless and embrace the long run when flashes of immediacy are less important.

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Warming up to a new season, a new time

Do you want to purchase this trend as a retailer? Check it out on the FashionUnited B2B Marketplace

Isolated in our homes, social media has been the outlet for dreamscaping, and warm sunset, beach and sea tones will offer inspiration and luxury, specifically in summer fabrics of fine cottons, cool wools and textured linens. As data has shown, sales of athleisure and loungewear is more popular than ever, and practical dressing is here to stay. Colour, rather than design trend, will provide an uplift.

Bright pigmentation, like deep hues of yellow and oranges are pops of feel-good tones that marry well with neutrals and earthy naturals. As working from home continues to revolutionise the workforce, it is impacting how shoppers buy clothing. Considered product, including design and colour details, will be imperative as risk-averse consumers navigate a new era where dressing for occasions is becoming less relevant.

Subtracting embellishment, high octane and the bedazzled, colours should lend themselves to soothe, be cosy and pure. Tying in with the sustainability movement, colour in its most natural form, undyed and raw, focuses on the purity of natural fabric. With clean beauty, conscious living and the wellness sector more popular than ever, a “free-from” product is a growing market with its low environmental impact a key driver.

Images via Pantone