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​​SS24 ISPO Textrends’ Color Palettes for Athleticwear

By Jayne Mountford



Image: Courtesy ISPO textrends

According to ISPO, for Spring/Summer 2024, the activewear industry takes on a surge in sustainability: "A rapid response is required to maintain our commitment to climate change and a reduction in waste and resources. (However) this seismic shift can't come at the expense of creativity and performance".

The Core Palette

Image: Courtesy ISPO Textrends/Pantone

ISPO Textrends’ Core palette takes on a "fresh and bold approach." It's a classic activewear palette of ten colors with both neutral and primary colors including; Black and white plus Pantone colors: 'Russet Orange,' 'Blazing Yellow', 'Mandarin Red', 'Green Flash', 'Bellwether Blue', 'Gray Violet', 'Shifting Sand' and 'Swim Cap'.


Image: Courtesy ISPO Textrends/Pantone

An ephemeral and luminous approach to vapory shades, with a palette of five colors, that can change according to the light and the fabric involved. 'Limelight', 'Cabbage', 'Pink Peacock', 'Ceramic' and 'Dazzling Blue'.

Soul Surf

Image: Courtesy ISPO texttrends/Pantone

This is a beach-inspired palette that embraces the feel of the sea breeze and with an emphasis on ocean welfare. It's a palette of the Pantone shades 'Pastel Parchment', 'Crystal Blue', 'Salmon Buff', 'Sunshine', and 'Weeping Willow,' to connect with the natural tones in the Core palette.

Image: Courtesy ISPO Textrends/Pantone

Natural Logic

Image: Courtesy ISPO Textrends/Pantone

The intricacies of nature continue to inspire and we look to the origins of natural dyes in creating interesting hues. This palette of Pantone shades, 'Toast', 'Garden Glade', 'Baleine Blue', 'Calypso Coral' and 'Lima Bean Green' offer a cleansing development of dope dyed and eco-friendly synthetic dyes.


Image: Courtesy ISPO Textrends/Pantone

A shape shifting satellite palette where colors take on an iridescent sheen. Appealing for outer layers and trims, platinum can also be brought in to complement these sharp and sassy tones. The palette consists of Pantone shades 'Baby Lavender', 'Nantucket Breeze', 'Candy Pink', 'Jasmine Green', 'Gold Fusion'.