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SS25 Menswear Accessory Key Items: Loafers, duffle bags and baseball caps

By Jayne Mountford


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Menswear Accessories SS25 main image Credits: Pitti Uomo SS24, Amiri SS24, Pitti Uomo SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
The SS25 menswear buying season has begun, starting with London, June 7-9. Then comes the Pitti Uomo trade fair and Milan Men’s Fashion Week, followed by Paris Men’s Fashion Week. In addition to summer-weight tailoring, expect to see updated preppy looks, Western details and vintage athletic stylings, sometimes even in mash-ups. All of these trends lend themselves to maximal accessorizing. Here are some key items:
Jewelry: silver or gold chain bracelets, charm necklaces and stone bracelets.
Eyewear: classic ‘wayfarer’ frames and aviators.
Headgear: baseball caps, Western/cowboy hats and straw Panama hats.
Neckwear: bandanas, skinny ties and skinny scarves.
Bags: carryalls, duffle bags, gym bags, backpacks and fanny packs.
Footwear: penny loafers, tassel loafers, fisherman’s sandals and premium sneakers.

Socks: mid-calf white ribbed socks, either plain or with athletic detailing.
For merchandising ideas, we can take inspiration from coordinated looks in recent runway collections, and male attendees in Paris and at the Pitti Uomo trade fair.

On The Runway

Mike Amiri SS24

Amiri SS24/ Look 40 Credits: Amiri SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 40: a vee-neck maroon, cream and black crochet cardigan over a brown waffle knit top and cream pleat front oversized shorts. Accessories: tortoiseshell framed sunglasses, a gold charm necklace, maroon and cream tassel loafers, tipped socks and a textured backpack.

Dsquared2 SS24

DSquared2 SS24/Look 9 Credits: DSquared2 SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 9: a red, blue and white multi-striped tank top with white low-rise terry shorts. Accessories: a pink baseball cap with brand logo, a gold charm necklace, gold chain belt, brown penny loafers, athletic socks and a white and green tennis hold-all.

Hermès SS24

Hermès SS24/ Look 33 Credits: Hermes SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 33: a beige crew neck crochet-knit sweater with black and white stripes and light brown leather short shorts. Accessories: a silver link chain bracelet, a canvas tote bag with leather trim and equestrian print and brown fisherman sandals with a chunky sole.

Louis Vuitton SS24

Louis Vuitton SS24/ Look 66 Credits: Louis Vuitton SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 66: a white tee under a red and white baseball jacket with a crystal-studded logo and a black pleated knee-length skirt Accessories: a gold charm necklace, logo leather belt, logo duffle bag, white rib socks with pearl embellishment and penny loafers.

Kiko Kostadinov SS24

Kiko Kostadinov SS24/ Look 13 Credits: Kiko Kostadinov SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 13: a textured knit vest in beige and yellow and black pants. Accessories: a long skinny beige and turquoise striped knit scarf, baseball cap worn backwards and dark blue fisherman sandals with a rubber sole and cap toe.

Wales Bonner SS24

Wales Bonner SS24/ Look 13 Credits: Wales Bonner SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 13: The Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner Jersey Track Top in blue with beige collar and orange signature stripes and plaid dolphin shorts over a polo knit shirt. Accessories: The Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner ivory leather bowling bag And black calfskin sandals with a silver clasp.

Rhude SS24

Rhude SS24/ Look 7 Credits: Rhude SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 7: Vintage style navy and white tracksuit including an oversized pull-over with a red chevron stripe and pants with red and blue side stripes. Accessories: aviator sunglasses, blue suede carryall and cream nubuck lace-ups.

On The Street

Paris Street SS24

Paris street SS24 Credits: Paris street SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
A matching shirt and shorts set in orange and yellow paisley brocade print over a white tank top and Calvin Klein underwear. Accessories: a straw Stetson, black sunglasses, black and white bandana, gold charm necklace, cream and orange socks and lace-up white sandals with whip-stitched details.

Paris Street SS24

Paris street SS24 Credits: Paris street SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
A Wales Bonner/Adidas v-neck athletic shirt and Burberry plaid kilt Accessories: silver hoop earrings, orange clear sunglasses, canvas and leather crossbody bag, white socks and tassel loafers.

Pitti Uomo SS24

Credits: Pitti Uomo SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
A blue blazer and white pants. Accessories: a turquoise baseball cap, ERL comics puffer maxi tote bag and turquoise Adidas sneakers.

Pitti Uomo SS24

Credits: Pitti Uomo SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
A white linen jacket over a denim shirt and pleated textured cuffed pants. Accessories: a white cowboy hat, aviator sunglasses, tie with tie-pin, pocket handkerchief, tooled Western belt and cowboy boots with spurs.

Pitti Uomo SS24

Credits: Pitti Uomo SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
A double-breasted blazer with a red and brown geo print over a brown brown shirt and brown pants. Accessories: a straw hat, silver snake chain bracelet, WANT Les Essentiels orange tote bag and brown Oxfords.

Pitti Uomo SS24

Credits: Pitti Uomo SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Fashion designer, Quentin Stayfly Thrash, in his own suit with a double-breasted blazer and cuffed shorts over a white shirt. Accessories: gold hoop earrings, square tortoise sunglasses, striped bow tie, silver snake chain bracelet, extra large Louis Vuitton carryall, white socks and velvet slip-ons.

Pitti Uomo SS24

Credits: Pitti Uomo SS24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
A blue, orange and white striped shirt and white Diesel jeans. Accessories: classic black sunglasses, multi-colored braided belt, beaded bracelet, tassel loafers with a patina finish and a Givenchy tote bag