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STF Incubator & Makerspace: Where the fashion start-up scene meets

By Sponsor

17 Sept 2020


The STF Swiss Textile & Fashion Institute creates creative (working) space for textile start-ups and fashion professionals. The central focus of the Incubator & Makerspaces is a shared infrastructure, mutual inspiration and thus joint advancement.

STF Swiss Textile College is opening its workshops and establishing a start-up center for textile and fashion start-ups (Incubator). These start-ups will have access to a textile industrial machinery park and a high-quality textile laboratory in the so-called Makerspace. All this is unique in Switzerland. The textile and sewing workshops can and should be used for independent work. This offers creative people and labels space to experiment. The open workshops enable cooperation in teams, which can be of interest not only to the textile industry but also to various cultural creators or technically oriented founders. For example, theatre, film and dance people can sew costumes, artists can realize textile projects and designers can produce small series themselves.


The STF-Makerspace is comparable to a FabLab, with a focus on textile processing. Whether a waterproof welded seam is required for a tent or a complex pattern for a rucksack needs to be cut out under CAD control, the STF has the right industrial machines and professional advice. After an introduction, special textile machines can be booked and controlled on site and sometimes directly from home. In this way the effective time at the machine can be used efficiently and cost-effectively. Attractively priced packages are available for use.


The Incubator is the start-up center of the Swiss Textile & Fashion Institute (STF). The STF is intended to facilitate innovative start-ups and cover the entire spectrum of the textile industry. From trade (e-commerce) to technology and design. The advantages of working in a start-up center are an organized transfer of knowledge, mutual inspiration, advice and coaching, development of network structures and synergies, increasing the survival rate of young labels and the use of existing infrastructure and service equipment. The incubator offers desks for working with various membership offers as well as an educational program that goes far beyond textile processing.

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