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Striding to an eco-responsible lifestyle with TENCEL™ fibers in the new year

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Credits: Lenzing

We believe you have kick-started 2024 with a new set of year-long goals that are about to advance all aspects of your lives. While a lot of people are committed to investing in all-rounded personal growth, it is also worthwhile to think about stepping up to create a greener planet for our future selves to enjoy.

One of the easiest beginnings to cultivate an environmentally friendly lifestyle is through conscious clothing purchases. From sleepwear to footwear, there are always options that allow you to show your love and care to earth without compromising on comfort. Eco-responsible products often utilise natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, silk, and notably, TENCEL™ branded fibers produced by leading fiber manufacturer Lenzing. These natural, wood-based fibers are soft to the touch, biodegradable and compostable [1]. As consumers are increasingly aware of environmental footprint, more attentive brands are adopting them to address challenges caused by industrial production.

Sleepwear prioritising ecological impact

The global sleepwear market, currently valued at approximately USD 12.91 billion, is predicted to reach USD 29.70 billion by 2032 as significant fashion players set foot in the segment. The rapid development of home office culture over recent years has also spurred interest in comfortable, durable sleepwear and loungewear, with a particular focus on eco-conscious options.

UK-based luxury sleepwear brand Sleepy Wilson has responded to this trend with their capsule collection “For the Love of Plants”. This collection features lightweight knitted tops and bottoms made from a custom yarn blend. Intertwined with TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Micro technology and Meryl® Sublime, an OEKO-TEX® certified synthetic fiber with zero microfiber pollution, this yarn blend carries natural, long-lasting softness and a heart for the planet.

“While nature and recycling will continue to be spotlighted within the textile industry this year, daily lingerie is gaining traction to become a major trend,” said Bernd Schleuchardt, Senior Business Development Manager in Apparel, at Lenzing. “Alongside environmentally friendly clothing, body liberation has also been widely discussed in fashion in recent years. More consumers are expressing their desire to break free from objectification through their clothing choices. As a symbol of liberating one’s body, it is likely that high-end, cozy lingerie with lace and embroidery will welcome a rise in demand in the near future.”

Eco-denim and responsibly made footwear as wardrobe staples

From the same brand portfolio, TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, produced from a resourcing-saving, closed-loop process [2], have been introduced as a versatile solution for denim manufacturers. This led to Lenzing’s launch of the specially curated “Matte TENCEL™ Denim Capsule Collection” with its mill partners in 2023, expanding the range of fabric applications.

In footwear, there was an innovative development involving the use of pineapple leaves revealed last year. Blended with 70% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and 30% pineapple leaf fibers, a knitted upper for planet-friendly trainers was created. The fibers, derived from pineapple leaf waste, go through low-impact manufacturing that involves a water-free spinning process. With TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, processed with a spinning process that recycles more than 99% of water and solvent used, full traceability of the TENCEL™ fibers in the final blended yarn is guaranteed.

Industry collective efforts to present more environmentally-friendly items in every segment

“Lenzing has been on a rewarding journey collaborating with various market leaders and launching innovative products,” said Ebru Bayramoglu, Director of Global Business Development, Textile at Lenzing Group. “We are excited and ready to welcome what’s in store. Be it opportunities or challenges, Lenzing will always handle them with passion while holding on to the utmost priority of offering quality, planet--friendly products.”

Innovations and collaborations are conducive to raising environmental awareness in fashion and textile sector, as well as the market. Lenzing recognizes the importance of partnership. It treasures every opportunity to bring together its own technology and partner’s expertise to devise state-of-the-art products, while always actively searching for like-minded brands to join hands and put across their beliefs.

[1] TENCEL™ fibers are certified by TÜV Austria as biodegradable in soil, freshwater and marine environments, and compostable under home and industrial conditions.

[2] Savings consider solvent recovery.

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