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Thalé Blanc combines cultures, textures, and jewel tones for the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection

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2 Aug 2021


Deborah Sawaf, Thalé Blanc designer known for her fusion of cultures, textures, and jewel tones is presenting a new collection for Spring / Summer 2022. Sawaf often creates from her own experiences, with the brand blossoming after a stay in Italy’s Forte dei Marmi shore with Sean Hepburn Ferrer, son of Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer, with the sketch of the “Audrey” bag. She debuted her first ready to wear collection, Statements, for Fall 2020 NYFW and followed with her Dream collection for the Spring 2021 season. Her upcoming collection, inspired by bees, uses the nectar of her experience in Utah to produce a flowering garden that is abundant with signature details and new creations.

Deborah, meaning bee in Hebrew, and the consonants DBR also mean “lead” or “pursue”, is a fitting name for Thalé Blanc’s creative director and queen bee. Sawaf has buzzed from the fiercely sprouting olive and gold blooming treasures of India to the romantic champagne and red bouquet on Italy’s shoreline, cross pollinating as she flies to create collections of mixed aesthetics and cultural influences. She then landed in Utah, the Beehive State, surrounded by honey filled pools of inspiration. The fruit of her venture will be displayed this upcoming season for all TB ladies to enjoy plentifully.

Previous Thalé Blanc collections have focused on signature adornments like grommets, satin ribbon, twillys, and ties, elements that will still be a part of the upcoming collection’s identity, however, print details are the focus. Shining gold hardware transforms into glittering gold honeycomb patterns and signature contrasting hue details are present in black textured tulle and gold stenciled textiles. Comfort meets elegance as classic loungewear pieces are delicately peppered with geometric patterns and satin ties. Hues are rich from deep purple to burnt orange and dark brown reflecting beautiful earth tones sprung from Sawaf’s tender care for her seedlings of ideas.

The core of Thalé Blanc’s intricate honeycomb is quality and craftsmanship. The upcoming collection includes brilliant gold handcrafted jewelry encrusted with swarovski crystals and enamel along with hexagonal detailing, pearls, and precious gems. Each piece is lovingly crafted by artisans with meticulous attention to detail. Clothing details are also hand crafted, with a highlighted textile being intricately hand embroidered tulle.

Designed for the TB Lady with a stinging sense of self and confidence, the collection’s textures are soft and sweet like honey, while details are strong and bold like a bee’s dark stripes. The TB Lady is both feminine and strong, and a hive of TB Ladies can achieve anything globally.

While the collection is personal for Sawaf, it certainly is intended to carry a global message in its emphasis on the importance of bees to the planet. The collection will be available this Spring Summer 2022. For our current collection, visit Thalé Blanc’s website here: https://thaleblanc.com/.

Read more about Thalé Blanc on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/thale-blanc