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The baseball cap : why is it so trendy right now ?

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20 Aug 2020


This summer, to complete your outfit and be on top of the trend, we recommend the baseball cap. Indeed, in this year 2020, we find it on the heads of many influencers and on models around the world. The baseball cap was popularized by the New Era brand, from the suburbs of New York. Moreover, New Era is the official partner of all American baseball teams! The most popular cap design has the Yankees logo on it. But there are others! Good to know : New Era is no longer the only brand to sell this accessory, for many designers have embarked on the design of baseball caps, in order to meet the desires of consumers. Do you like the baseball cap? In this case, summer 2020 will meet your expectations. So why is the baseball cap so popular? How to choose it? What are the hottest models for summer 2020? This is what we invite you to discover.

Why is the baseball cap so popular?

Whether you are a fashion fan or just an observer, you have most certainly seen that the baseball cap is back this summer. There are many reasons for this success. First of all, fashion is a cyclical phenomenon: the New Era cap was particularly trendy fifteen years ago! But that's not all. The craze for the baseball cap is also explained by its neutral look, which allows it to match any outfit. Its compatibility with all body types, as well as the variety of models available, also explain the success of this accessory.

The baseball cap can be worn with any outfit

As we said before, the baseball cap has a very sober look. Indeed, it is an accessory without frills or superfluous details. Therefore, it is possible to match it with many looks. Bring an offbeat and relaxed touch to a chic and elegant outfit, thanks to the baseball cap! That's right, it goes very well with a pretty flowy summer dress, a pair of sandals and some boho accessories. With a casual outfit, it brings an extra sophisticated touch. You can actually wear the baseball cap, along with boyfriend jeans and a loose t-shirt. On the other hand, we strongly advise against wearing this accessory with a tracksuit and sneakers.

The baseball cap is suitable for most body types

Whether you have a square, round, elongated or oval face, the baseball cap is bound to show you off. It's true, this accessory is suitable for all body types and suitable for both men and women. This is why it is so popular with fashion lovers! The baseball cap is available in many models

We have mentioned the New Era brand in this article. This brand was the first to market baseball caps. Today, it diversifies its models and offers unique accessories. But New Era is not alone in selling baseball caps, as other brands have entered the business. Among them, there are a lot of fashion designers, as well as ready-to-wear brands. As a result, there are baseball caps for all tastes, but also for all budgets.

How to choose the right baseball cap to be trendy?

Regarding the colors of the spring / summer 2020 season, two trends clash. On the one hand, we have pastel and very soft colors, like powder pink or yellow. On the other hand, there are flashy colors, like fuchsia pink or sparkling green. Choose your cap color, according to your dress style and your desires! When it comes to patterns, the zebra print tops the table. That's right, it's super trendy right now. Now, find your cap and be the most trendy person in town !