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The story of Dolores Promesas continues: Its long-awaited arrival back into the world of fashion

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23 Dec 2022


Picture: Dolores Promesas, courtesy of the brand

The acclaimed Spanish firm, Dolores Promesas, returns to the Spanish fashion circuit to fill the new Spring-Summer 2023 season with style and colour.

The brand, which has dressed celebrities such as Paula Echevarría, Sara Carbonero or Marta Hazas, launches its new collection this season, full of floaty fabrics, alluring tones and immaculate cuts, maintaining the essence for which it has triumphed all these years.

"It doesn’t matter what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you". Dolores Promesas returns stronger than ever to tell a new stage of her story, and she does it with the same enthusiasm as the first day. Luck returns to smile the most acclaimed character by fashion lovers who, following his philosophy, has left behind all his pains. Dolores Promesas has taken the reins in her life and returns to the fashion world next season P/V 2023.

Picture: Dolores Promesas, courtesy of the brand

After a long rest, and with the support of her friend Pepa, her dog Tula and her cat Trini, Dolores Promesas returns to stay. The Spanish firm will see the light again this new season with a collection that one hundred percent captures #spiritudolores: cheerful, inspiring, fun and positive, seeking to recover missing link and reconquer the firm’s loyal supporters, in addition to new generations of fashionistas .

The unconditional fans of the brand will be happy to know that the new collection of Dolores Promesas is composed of garments and summer designs full of creativity and prints, always inspired by the story of the great protagonist of the brand. Creations with their own philosophy and a very personal style, in which the authentic #spiritudolores is reflected in each of them.

Picture: Dolores Promesas, courtesy of the brand

Collection PV 2023

The new collection consists of three pillars, the same way that the brand has been doing for years:

  • Dolores Promesas Party, the most exclusive line of the brand, focused on events and special occasions. Natural fabrics such as silks, details of gem, lace and very careful patterns are the protagonists of this line, which has paraded through the main red carpets of the country.

  • Dolores Promesas Casual, modern and informal garments, among which we find dresses, two-piece suits, blouses or pants that feel like a glove, ideal for the day to day of current women, who value being comfortable, but want to feel beautiful, favoured and special.

  • Dolores Promesas Sport, the protagonists of this line are undoubtedly the famous T-shirts with quotes of the most Dolores that mark the history of the brand and are part of every experience of all fans, although it also has sweatshirts, dresses and monkeys.

The great return of Dolores Promesas, as the followers of the brand have commented, is cause for celebration. The firm launches a new collection very faithful to its style, continues to produce most of its garments in Spain and Portugal, and offering quality and personalized service. The production and design process of the brand is still in Madrid, with an important representation of the previous teams (design, marketing, sales) and the same workshops and suppliers, taking care of every detail, from the selection of materials to clothing, going through multiple quality controls.

All thanks to the fact that, in May 2022, Dolores Promesas was acquired by the company Corredor Europeo, also owner of the fashion brand Niza, finally was able to start a new business cycle.

Picture: Dolores Promesas, courtesy of the brand

Sales channels

Dolores Promesas has always grown hand in hand with the online universe, adapting and incorporating the tools that appeared in the market. That is why, the new collections of Dolores Promesas will keep t heir sale, for the moment, through this channel thanks to a competitive website, made by excellent professionals and multidisciplinary teams very specialized and up to date with everything that arises in the market.

On the other hand, it will also be present in selected multi-brand stores in the country.

The new collection of Dolores Promesas hopes to excite more than one fan of the brand, who we know have missed his clothes and style, waiting for his return. The followers will be able to re-dress their favorite dresses by the hand of the legitimate character of Spanish fashion.

"Luck smiles again and I have help: I have my family, my friends, my dog Tula, my cat Trini, and I have you"– Dolores Promesas

Picture: Dolores Promesas, courtesy of the brand
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