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The top fashion trends 2021, and how to style them with knitwear

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18 Dec 2020


This year is about to end and 2021 comes with lots of new trends. Tie-dye track pants are no longer a thing and a new fashion wave has arrived. After a year of uncertainty and a lot of changes, due to the pandemic, the fashion world has been divided into two streams. Some designers have chosen to create collections with an optimistic and joyful view, which will be reflected in the colours. While others have decided to maintain this year’s comfortableness and simplicity with a little bit of evolution. Graciela Huam is a sustainable fashion brand that embraces the latest trends, which we will present today:

Checkerboard Tops and Jumpers

Next year we will see checkerboard prints and patterns everywhere. Except now, they will not just come in the black and white usual combination. Two thousand twenty-one is the time to be bold and mix some joyful colours together. Who says orange and red don’t go together? Or that green and red are too much? Check these alpaca knitwear jumpers to see how lovely this trend will look.

Elevated Loungewear Trousers

Even though track pants are not the most fashionable item anymore, people still fancy being comfortable. Nevertheless, this year the trend has evolved to be more sophisticated. Elevated loungewear is still functional and work from home friendly, however is more refined. Knitwear trousers are the new basic of the fall season. They will come in every form: palazzos, culottes, bell-bottoms, and wide legs. Materials will also be important because people will take into consideration the soft handle of the fabric they are wearing.

Joyful Tops and Hoodies

In 2021 there will be bright and vibrant colours ruling the fashion streets. Illuminating yellow is the colour of the year, nonetheless there will be other colours in the spotlight such as orange, fuchsia, red. Some of these saturated colours were seen at Valentino, Roksanda, and Molly Goddard collections for SS21. In the pictures shown below, it can be appreciated how it suits different garments.

Second skin and bodycon knitwear
For the spring season, knitwear that hugs the body will be the customer’s first choice. It will be seen tops but also in form-fitting dresses and skirts. They are going to be light-weighted, comfortable, fresh to wear and quite feminine.

Bare backs
Dresses with the back fully exposed will be the star of the next spring. This detail will be present from elegant night dresses to casual beach dresses. Haute couture brands as Givenchy and Victoria Beckham have set the example that the fashion community will follow. An open back turns a simple dress into a statement piece.

Colour Block
It has been around for a while, and it will stay for next year. Designers have proven this during their Fall Winter 20/21 runways. Colour blocking could be done combining the layers of the look or even in the same piece, as in the photo. However, not only the colour mixed are allowed, fabric textures can be contrasted as well, to make the jumper or top even more interesting.

2021 will be a year of adaptability, some people will try to back to normal as much as possible, but for others, home office will still be the option to go for a while longer. Therefore, you will see plenty of different styles around, but knowing these trends will help you be prepared to step into the new year. Brands should also take in consideration the quality, details and packaging of the garments delivered to the costumers, because 2020 has shown how demanding the customer of this era can be.

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Pictures Graciela Huam AW 2021