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Top fashion Influencer: Anoushka

By FashionUnited PR


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Credit: Courtesy of Anoushka

Anoushka is a London based content creator, travel blogger and fashion influencer with Indian roots. Showcasing her creative and unique way of expressing herself, she inspires a community of over 107.4K on Instagram and TikTok combined. Anoushka has built her own corner of the internet through a blog, where she regularly shares fashion tips, city guides and social media tips and tricks.

The Anouhska Probyn blog is filled with varied content that reflects her lifestyle, from recipes, to travel blogs, to a platform where her followers can shop for her favourite looks. In her everyday outfits, we see staple garments which make the look eye-catching and exotic. Bright and bold colours are a key element of her signature style, reflecting her free-spirited and adventurous personality. Anoushka's style goes along the lines of boho chic, as a fan of the 70's style, she combines bohemian elements with a sophisticated and feminine flair. Among her wardrobe staples we find mostly dresses, skirts and sandals, in floral prints and warm colour schemes featuring yellow, brown, nude and white tones. Often paired with hats or berets, along with straw bags; one of her favourite fashion items. In addition to sharing her adventures around the world and her personal lifestyle, she has another account dedicated exclusively to sharing her daily fits. Her unique style speaks for itself, building an Instagram feed full of life and even colour coordinated.

So, if your vibe matches an adventurous and chic style, Anoushka has the perfect content to add to your daily inspiration feed

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