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Top Fashion Influencer: Estelle François Aliot

By FashionUnited



Estelle is a digital content creator and fashion influencer based in London, with a community of over 106 thousand followers on Instagram. From her feed comes a dramatic and creative first impression, she takes on very original points of view that make her outfits really stand out. Definitely with a style that creates a bold statement and vibrates with confidence.

Estelle has a unique avant-garde style that breaks out of common fashion norms and trends. Her signature look is all black or monochromatic, combining different textures such as leather and nylon in her outfits, and creating her own street style with extravagant pieces. These are usually sealed with metallic, shiny and silver details, such as chains, pins, buttons and belts, which make her outfits look extra edgy and cool. Clearly this influencer is not afraid of experimenting with her style, she has a very creative and artistic fashion sense that allows her to express her personality through what she wears. In her combinations the all-black and asymmetrical glasses are a must, making her outfits loud and eye-catching. Her originality in creating content certainly sets her apart from other fashion influencers, making her daily fits look bolder, and always leaving a lot to look forward to.

So, if you want fresh, bold and cool outfit inspiration, Estelle has the perfect content you need to add to your daily fashion feed.

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