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Top fashion Influencer: Louise Marguerite

By FashionUnited



Courtesy of Louise Marguerite

Louise Marguerite is a content creator and fashion influencer based in Manchester. Standing out for the bold colours she wears and her unique combination of patterns and styles, she inspires a community of over 13.4 thousand followers on Instagram and TikTok, where she is most active. Her social media presence revolves around sharing everyday fits that break colour matching standards and share a cheerful vibe.

This UK style blogger identifies herself as a pattern clasher, combining all kinds of patterns in her everyday outfits, while still maintaining a very chic and elevated look. From chequered squares paired with floral prints, to lines with animal prints or gingham patterns. Among the items of clothing she wears the most are printed trousers, and long skirts with extravagant shoes. Her style highlights some 70's fashion trends, with a wardrobe bursting with bright, bold colours; with lots of pink, blue and green, making her style surely eye-catching wherever she is. Berets are also a finishing touch to her combos, along with handbags in an even more popping tone than that of the outfit. On TikTok she posts mini vlogs about days in her life, sharing some of her favourite things, her lifestyle, and mini “Get Ready With Me” clips. Louise is a fashion influencer that promises a lot, bringing a very creative and groovy way of combining colours in unconventional ways.

So, if you are creative and looking for inspiration to combine colours and patterns, Louise has the perfect content for you.

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