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Top Fashion Influencer: Sophie Seddon

By FashionUnited

25 May 2022


Credit: Courtesy of Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon is a London based TikTok and Instagram Fashion Influencer. She started her journey as a Fashion Blogger right out of school but as of 2019 has embraced the term Fashion Influencer. On Instagram and TikTok she has various creative segments all about mixing pop culture and fashion.

On her channels you will easily find inspiration for grunge & indie fashion, but also microtrends such as fairy- & cottagecore and more. Sophie started gaining followers due to her trendy outfits and unique looks and has now accumulated over half a million followers. It is not just her followers who recognise her talent but also various brands that have since chosen her as the face for their campaigns. This includes the likes of Dr. Martens, Urban Outfitters and more. If you are looking for a new way to style your retro clothes, then Sophie is most definitely the person to follow.

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