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Tracing a trend: blokette core

By Jayne Mountford


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main image for 'blokette core' Credits: Image/Launchmetrics Spotlight

First came ‘bloke core’

In December 2021, influencer Brandon Huntley posted “hottest trend of 2022: bloke core.” on TikTok. The look consisted of a football (soccer) shirt, a loose fit denim, and a pair of white sneakers. It was a tongue-in-cheek take on an oft-maligned style.

Balenciaga x Adidas: Resort 23

Balenciaga resort 23/look 45 Credits: Balenciaga resort 23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

For a section of his resort 23 Balenciaga collection, Demna collaborated with Adidas to deliver a series of sporty looks reminiscent of the bloke core trend.

Balenciaga resort 23/look 54 Credits: Balenciaga resort 23/Launchmetrics Spotlight
Balenciaga resort 23/look 58 Credits: Balenciaga resort 23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

3.Paradis x Air Jordan ss24

3.Paradis x Air Jordan ss24/look 17 Credits: Courtesy/ 3.Paradis x Air Jordan ss24

Founder and creative director of 3.Paradis, Emeric Tchatchoua, took a genderless approach to his collection for spring 24. For look 17 he collaborated with Air Jordan to produce a co-branded jersey for the Paris Saint-Germain football club. It was worn with a pair of baggy jeans in a light blue wash and a stenciled print.

Miu Miu fw 22

Miu Miu fw22/look 7 Credits: Miu Miu fw22/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Perhaps a precursor to the Blokette trend, the fw22 collection from Miuccia Prada for Miu Miu included several ensembles, including look 7, that featured a pleated micro mini skirt, a sporty top and ballet flats.

What is blokette core? ‘Sporty with a feminine twist’

It wasn’t long before a female version of bloke core emerged on social media. According to ‘Fashion Journal,’ the blokette aesthetic is a mix between bloke core: oversized soccer jerseys, zip-up vintage sport jackets, baggy tracksuits, Adidas Sambas, Forum Lows and Gazelles, and coquette style: mini-skirts, knee-high socks and hair ribbons.

Copenhagen street style 2023 Credits: Copenhagen street style 2023 /Launchmetrics Spotlight

It is, for the most part, a street/social media trend, but certain designers have signaled acknowledgement of the bloke and blokette core trends in their seasonal collections.

David Koma fw22

David Koma fw22/look 9 Credits: David Koma fw22/Launchmetrics Spotlight

David Koma celebrated becoming a British citizen with a nod towards the country’s obsession with football (soccer), and by adding long socks and pumps to a football jersey, was maybe unwittingly an early adopter of the blokette core trend.

David Koma fw22/look 13 Credits: David Koma fw22/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner m. fw21/look 14 Credits: Wales Bonner m. fw21/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Grace Wales Bonner, being of British/Jamaican heritage, is comfortable weaving football (soccer) attire into her collections. She also frequently collaborates with Adidas. For fw m. 21, look 14 included a raglan-sleeved navy cardigan trimmed with white and red, a midi-length leather skirt and Adidas sneakers. Her ss m 24 collection included looks produced as part of her ongoing brand partnership with Adidas Originals. Look 20, a three piece track suit, included a navy jacket, knee-length skirt and layered mini skirt.

Wales Bonner m. ss24/look 20 Credits: Wales Bonner m. ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

The women’s collections for ss24 are right around the corner, expect to see more bloke and blokette core looks from the American and European designers, as well as those worn by show attendees.

Copenhagen street style 2023 Credits: Copenhagen street style 2023/Launchmetrics Spotlight
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