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Trailblazing style: The hiking aesthetic is back in fashion

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Sandy Liang x Salomon Credits: Salomon, photo by Steven Yatsko

Clothing garments and accessories suitable for commuters and outdoor lovers are increasingly seeing a new era of detailing appearing in bags and shoes, adapting intelligent designs to be functional for outdoor activities.

With a rise in popularity in brands such as Salomon, Asics, and On, a trend coined as Gorpcore, where fashion incorporates functional and practical outdoor elements into everyday clothing, such as durable materials, hiking-inspired designs, and utilitarian accessories, a new kind outdoor and urban style has been born. When it comes to design, the emphasis is on comfort, functionality, and a connection to nature, less on fleeting fashion trends.

This shift is evident in the emergence of clothing and accessories that don’t just draw inspiration from the outdoors or lean toward earthy colour palettes. Brands are exploring the fusion of style and practicality, creating garments suitable for both urban settings and outdoor adventures.

This outdoor aesthetic is not only influencing activewear but is extending to various fashion categories, showcasing a broader appreciation for nature-infused fashion across the industry. Perhaps it is that consumers are seeking a greater connection beyond the fashion runway and luxury images that dominate the marketing landscape.


Durable materials remain a prominent feature in essential accessories such as bags and footwear, emphasising longevity and functionality. This is particularly evident in the incorporation of advanced hiking soles, which enhance the resilience and grip of footwear, even in challenging terrains. Waterproof coatings have become a standard element, providing protection against the elements and making accessories suitable for various weather conditions.

Practical hardware additions, such as carabiner clips and bungees, contribute to the utilitarian and outdoor-inspired design. Carabiner clips offer a convenient and secure way to attach items to bags, while bungees add a functional and adjustable element. These details also nod to the influence of outdoor and adventure aesthetics in contemporary fashion.

Hiking backpack Credits: Pexels