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UN to form alliance to make fashion more sustainable

By FashionUnited


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UN Environment - the United Nations’ agency assisting countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices - is set to launch an alliance on Sustainable Fashion in March. The alliance aims to encourage governments, NGOs and the private sectors to reduce fashion’s negative social, economical and environmental impact.

According to a statement by UN Environment, about 20 percent of the world’s wastewater and 10 percent of global carbon emissions come from the fashion industry. If nothing changes by 2050 the fashion industry will have used up a quarter of the world’s carbon budget.

The next UN Environment Assembly, set to take place in March, will invite attendees to think beyond prevailing patterns and reform the industry. “Most fashion retailers now are doing something about sustainability and have some initiatives focused on reducing fashion’s negative impact on the environment”, said Patsy Perry, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester, in a statement.

“However, there is still a fundamental problem with the fast fashion business model where revenues are based on selling more products, and therefore retailers must constantly offer new collections”.