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Upcycling brand Bee & Alpaca to showcase SS23 and FW23 collections at 'Just Around The Corner'

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Picture: Bee & Alpaca, courtesy of the brand

Sustainable fashion brand Bee & Alpaca, whose range of fun, unique and exciting garments is bringing affordable eco-friendly fashion to the masses, is showing their latest upcycled creations at 'Just Around The Corner' on the 8th and 9th of January. The brand will be presenting styles of the SS23 and FW23 collections in the show's dedicated sustainability section.

Bee & Alpaca’s Co-founder, Deniz, is looking forward the event and the possibilities it brings: “The start-up is still young, but we aim to keep growing and giving a new life to otherwise wasted materials. Bee & Alpaca is a missing link for a circular fashion economy, and we aim to do our part towards sustainable fashion, one collection at a time.”

The brand has seen success since its first range of upcycled, deadstock clothing launched in June 2022. Offering contemporary, eco-friendly womenswear alongside fun accessories, each new design tells a story of beauty and creativity created from the offcuts of a broken fashion industry. By rejecting mass production and trend cycles in favour of smaller collections, timeless designs and a key focus on reducing waste, the brand has set itself apart from the rest of the industry and its sights firmly on sustainable fashion.

“Since launching our label last year, we have seen a lot of positive responses to our ethos and the message behind the collections. Consumers are increasingly interested in finding an affordable, sustainable fashion brand, and we want to fill the gap by bringing upcycled deadstock to the masses.” - Deniz, Co-founder of Bee & Alpaca

Like every collection, this year’s offerings are heavily influenced by the fabric itself, over which the brand has little control. Each new design starts with a trip to a number of small factories, where excess, deadstock and discarded textiles are hand-picked for suitability. For many of these factories who suffered from cancellations during the pandemic and found themselves with mounting stock levels, it’s an ingenious alternative to landfills - but it’s not as simple from a design perspective.

The brand is immensely proud of its design process, openly publishing information about its suppliers, design cycles, carbon emissions and more on its about page. This transparency is prioritized in all aspects of the business, with the label striving to educate its community about the dangers of overconsumption whilst also being vocal about the various pros and cons related to deadstock clothing.

Picture: Bee & Alpaca, courtesy of the brand

Event information

Bee & Alpaca will be displaying designs available for direct purchase as well as purchase-to-order at: Just Around the Corner (JATC) event in Shoreditch, London: 8th - 9th February.

For business inquiries, press or any other questions, please contact: hello@beeandalpaca.com

About the brand

Bee & Alpaca are on a mission to clean up the fashion industry. Their eco-friendly clothes, which are handpicked from excess, deadstock and discarded textiles, are saved from landfill and upcycled into fun, limited-edition styles that prioritise longevity over trends. They are dedicated to cleaning up fashion’s fabric waste whilst striving for sustainability in all other areas of their business. To learn more, visit their website.

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