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What is your tribe?

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Pretty Ballerinas, FW22 Collection, courtesy of the brand

Pretty Ballerinas’ FW22 collection for the coldest months of the year is inspired by London in the 1970s. The influences of the urban tribes Mods, Teddy Girls, Swinging Sixties, Disco, Glam and Punk follow one another and overlap in this collection full of contrasts that invites you to write your own story where the raw and the unexpected coexist smoothly.

Entirely handmade on the island of Menorca, the collection is divided into three trends - Studs and buckles, Rerooted Nature and Blown Away - together they form the perfect wardrobe for the winter season.

Studs & Buckles

Nappa leather, patent leather and plaid wool are combined with metallic details, hand-embedded studs and half pearls. The new ELISE model, with its centimetre-and-a-half heel, steps into the season in a café au lait shade and moves at a leisurely pace in chocolate suede combined with houndstooth and tartan decorated with a large buckle at the neckline. CLEMENTINE dares to combine wool tartan with smooth suede. Both GRETSCHEN, with a generous round neckline and two-centimeter heel, and CAMILLE, flat with a square toe, feature a 60s style which is refreshed with lacquered detail. ELLA, always chameleon-like, takes a risk with an ankle bracelet and even with a pair on the instep, mixing studs with suede and tartan with orange piping. A preppy showcase reminiscent of 70s academia combined with a nod to London punk.

Pretty Ballerinas, FW22 Collection, Ella Model, courtesy of the brand

Rerooted nature

This line presents an ode to the earth, to nature in its raw state, making the colours of the roots its colour palette and mixing them, without filters, in original combinations.

The classic ROSARIO last and the agile SHIRLEY, feature toe caps in hazelnut suede, red fruit jam and night blue moss. TYRA and ELLA, with their characteristic pencil tip, are dressed in silk with botanical prints that play with chiaroscuro in maroon. CLEMENTINE and ELLA feature leopard and tartan, inspired by 70s England and decorated with velvet bows and rhinestones with golden threads incorporated into the weft. ELLA is also covered in velvet, scarlet and moss, with a highlight on the 3D flower neckline crafted using techniques from the world of millinery.

Pretty Ballerinas, FW22 Collection, Ella and Tyra Model, courtesy of the brand

Blown Away

Born to impress. The ELLA last is covered in printed silk with a petrol effect print, quail or plain with Swarovski crystal details - monochrome and multicoloured - and matching ostrich feathers decorating the upper.

The FAYE loafer, with its back to school vibe comes with a futuristic air in pistachio and black, surprises in velvet with mocado. An unexpected proposal for day and night that also finds its place in the ELLA silhouette, which stands out for its knotted bow with ultrasound technology.

Pretty Ballerinas, FW22 Collection, Ella Model, courtesy of the brand
Pretty Ballerinas, FW22 Collection, Ella Model, courtesy of the brand

About us

When you choose a pair of Pretty Ballerinas, you are supporting an independent brand and a family business with over 100 year’s experience in the art of making shoes. Each pair is carefully manufactured on the Mediterranean island of Menorca, in a process involving more than 60 craftsmen and women, using only the finest materials in the world.

By choosing Pretty Ballerinas, you are supporting the circular economy of our island and a company that cares for its employees, its suppliers, and its workers. We know every one of our workers’ names – they are our friends, our family and our neighbors.

Pretty Ballerinas is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner

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Pretty Ballerinas