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Won Hundred Made In Italy

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Won Hundred Made In Italy

Follow the journey of our creative director, Nikolaj Nielsen, as he embarks on a trip to Italy to visit our long-lasting denim manufacturers. This video showcases and creates a sneak-peak into the world of denim manufacturing. At Won Hundred, we wanted to share insight into our products' people and show some of our production values.

"Made in Italy is not a simple term. 'Made in Italy' implies the entire way in which our products are produced. It is an approach that we use throughout the whole manufacturing process. It comes from your soul, your experiences, and your background. It is a part of your life. 'Made in Italy' is when you make products with love" - Paulo Fuglini, denim factory owner.

In 2020, 13 of our 19 manufacturers were located in Europe, which is 68% of our manufacturers.  In 2021, We had 10 of our 13 manufacturers located in Europe, increasing our total number of European manufacturers to 77%.

Quantity-wise, our European production was 88% of our total production in 2020. This was expanded in 2021 to 90% of production. We are pleased about these numbers and want to maintain a strong foundation of manufacturers in Europe. 

Won Hundred Made In Italy

At Won Hundred, we're making responsible choices. The necessary choices. Our values are deeply implemented in our production, where love and respect for the environment and our garment workers go hand in hand. 

We firmly believe in the importance of sustainability and innovation. Our values are deeply woven into each fabric, conferring unique quality and uniqueness.

We strive to keep our label in Europe, so we have explicitly looked after European manufacturers. As a result, European manufacturers save shipping time, reducing the carbon footprint, which is a priority for us at Won Hundred.

We are determined to source responsibly when it comes to our manufacturers. Therefore, we believe a long-term relationship with our manufacturers is the key to the quality of Won Hundred.  This bond gives us the tools to monitor our manufacturers producing the best quality for us and their commitment to working conditions. 

Won Hundred Made In Italy

Since 2021, up to 94 % of our total denim production has been Green Cross labeled. On top of sourcing responsible fabrics in our denim production, Won Hundred has now taken precautions regarding our denim's dying process.

We have started incorporating Ozone Wash into our denim range by using a powerful oxidizing agent to bleach the denim garment in a closed, batch-like operation. By using Ozone, we are significantly decreasing the usage of water in the washing process of the denim compared to the regular washing process.

Furthermore, we also use Ozone for the bleaching process due to lower consumption of chemicals and faster sodium hypochlorite bleaching. Ozone-washed styles currently account for 28 % of our total 5-pocket denim production, and we aim to increase this in the future.

"I really like the collaboration between Won Hundred and us because it helps us push barriers to make the products more sustainable. From a chemical point of view and also sustainable for workers. We use a lot of lasers with new technologies. We also developed our way of washing that we share with our customers and hope that will bring a bit of modernity and future in the denim aspect." - Carlo Cossiri, denim wash and dye partner.

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