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Wool supplier Chargeurs cuts ties with farm Estancia el Trebol following abuse

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - Leading wool-supply firm Chargeurs has cut all ties with Argentinian sheep farm Estancia el Trebol following the release of undercover footage from animal rights organization PETA, which depicts extreme animal cruelty.

In the film, workers at the farm are seen cutting off parts of lambs' ears, cutting off their tails and placing tight rings around male lambs scrotums as a form of castration without any anaesthetics. In addition, shearers are shown punching sheep in the face with clippers during shearing, throwing them to the ground whilst kicking and stamping them. Afterwards the injured sheep, which are cut and bleeding, have their wounds hastily and painfully stitched up.

"Chargeurs had assured customers that its partners were in compliance with animal-welfare standards, yet PETA US found shearers at a farm it had trusted for years standing on sheep and kicking, hitting and cutting them, so we know that there's no such thing as 'humane wool'", commented PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk. Following the release of it undercover footage, PETA has launched an online campaign to urge Chargeurs to shift to supplying vegan wool.

"Chargeurs' decision to cut ties with this farm is an excellent first step, but the only guaranteed way to protect gentle sheep from abuse is to switch to 100 percent vegan wool. So we urge the company to do so now," added Newkirk. Chargeurs, an international company that specialises in the production of wool and the exportation of other apparel, has its head office located in Paris but is based in over 45 countries.

Their decision to cut ties with Estancia el Trebol comes not long after the group published another expose on sheep farming network Ovis 21, which saw the likes of Stella McCartney and Patagonia cut ties with the supplier.

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