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Working at KOY Clothing luxury menswear brand

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KOY Clothing is a culturally inclusive menswear brand and social enterprise, which pays homage to the Kenyan culture that inspires it.

The clothing range includes a variety of high-end men’s smart apparel made of a traditional African fabric called Kikoy, a 100% cotton dyed in Kenya with locally produced colorings. The brand offers an assortment of designs and colours within the “made to measure” option, as well as bespoke tailoring service.

Officially launched in December 2016, KOY Clothing is run by two brothers, Alastair & Jimmy Scott. They were raised in East Africa and now have an ambition to help support the indigenous cultures of Kenya through luxury fashion.

The beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and the stunning fabrics used by the Kenyan people, put together with the UK's quintessential fashions and lifestyles, presented the Scott brothers with an exciting opportunity to combine authentic African fabric with luxury lifestyle. KOY Clothing strives to demonstrate the value of cultural inspiration by giving 5% of every purchase to projects within the communities of Kenya that their products are inspired by. All products are named after tribes in Kenya, such as the Maasai and the Gusii. Soon new projects will be launched with the Kamba and Luo tribes as well.

KOY Clothing’s ultimate goal is to put as many Kenyan tribes 'on the map' as possible, recognise the value of their heritage and support them through fashion.

“It doesn't take much to make a life better in Africa, and we have the opportunity to improve many! We are running a marathon, not a sprint, and we realise this will take time, but in life you have to start somewhere!” say the founders. You can make a change by working at KOY Clothing.

KOY Clothing is looking for new colleagues who share the brand’s social and cultural sensitivity.

Click here for KOY Clothing job offers in the UK.

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