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XOUXOU wearable cell phone necklace

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In 2016 Yara Jentzsch Dib developed the “smart loop” - a wearable cell phone necklace that quickly became well-known and beloved in Germany and beyond. The XOUXOU chain consists of an individual mobile phone case attached to an adjustable cord that is worn around the body. With this product and her brand XOUXOU, Yara has definitely hit a nerve. The idea of “putting the mobile phone on a leash” might have existed before that, but her adjustable design which derived from classic Macramée knotting techniques quickly became a must-have for everyone who wants their hands free and their phone safe.

A little idea can change your life: Yara Jentzsch-Dib initially developed the XOUXOU chain for her own needs as a young mother with not enough free hands, and the success and demand that followed exceeded her wildest expectations. The cell phone chains are made from OEKO-TEX® certified, skin-friendly and dirt-repellent materials and can even withstand a 30° standard cycle in the washing machine.

In addition to their popular bestseller, which made XOUXOU the market leader in wearable tech accessories, the young brand is now expanding its repertoire with the Modular Collection. Aiming to combine technology with fashion, their patented new single-mold silicone cases can now be personalized and combined with two different kinds of ropes and lanyards.

The lanyard is a new variety of the mobile phone chain: discreetly branded with the companies’ XX pattern, it is slightly wider and sportier than the previously more slender rope. The lanyard is launching in 3 new colourways - rosé, black and caramel - for iPhone models from model 7 onwards.

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