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Zalando’s ChatGPT-powered fashion assistant launches in the UK

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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virtual fashion assistant powered by ChatGPT Credits: Zalando

German-based European fashion e-tailer Zalando has opened the beta version of its virtual fashion assistant utilising OpenAI technology to UK customers.

The ChatGPT-powered fashion assistant, which Zalando unveiled in April, allows UK customers to navigate the e-tailer’s large offering using their own words and expressions.

The conversational experience, available on the Zalando app and web platforms, allows customers to ask about a specific brand or style they like, such as “I am looking for a top with a mix of geometric shapes and floral elements, kind of like a mosaic but with a romantic touch”. The fashion assistant will then share relevant items.

Tian Su, vice president of personalisation and recommendation at Zalando, said in a statement: “Opening the Beta version of our Fashion Assistant to all logged-in customers in the UK allows all customers to benefit from this entirely new conversational experience and at the same time enables Zalando to keep learning and improving.

“For customers, this means that they can ask the Fashion Assistant what they want in the way they want - a true first for us and the industry. With our Fashion Assistant, we can help customers find what to wear for a certain occasion e.g a birthday party, a business meeting or even hiking to Machu Picchu. Customers can get inspired by a certain style, celebrity, or cultural moment - the possibilities are almost endless!”