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ZENGGI Fall Winter 23/24 “Androgyn Chic”

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Picture: ZENGGI, FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

The luxurious androgyn style of ZENGGI gets a clear-cut feminine impulse this fall. The classic men's wardrobe still serves as the basis, but the translation is feminine in every way. Wide and pleated pants with high waists in masculine-looking fabrics like a Prince de Galle check, flannel or a denim-like twill in a wool-cotton blend developed especially for ZENGGI, feel rich and soft and fall smoothly down to the shoe. The waist is important here, so many knitwear tops are light and cropped with fitted hems, so they tuck in easily or rest casually at pelvic height.

The color card, too, has as its base subdued shades from the classic menswear wardrobe with, in addition, strong bright colors with names like Bluebird, Radiant Coral and Turmeric in the first delivery, and various, edgy combinable shades of green and an abundance of pinks, from soft powder to pure Cherry, in the second delivery.

A key piece for the androgynous-feminine style of the Fall Winter ‘23/24 collection is a long roomy anthracite-gray Herringbone winter coat made of a soft blend of recycled wool with silk, but with distinct menswear details. In addition, the collection is infused with late seventies feminine chic, with a flowy dress with wide puff sleeves, tiny shoulder pads and belt at the waist, a jumpsuit in ZENGGI's staple Japanese crepe, a calf-length Herringbone skirt with a subtle pink stripe and, as feminine standouts, a dainty sequin skirt with subtle gold glitter and precious, downy soft knitwear with a faux fur look.

Luxury materials and 'old-fashioned' craftsmanship are core values of ZENGGI, and within these, the most sustainable choices are carefully made. The collections refer to classic styles that are interpreted to be up to date down to every detail, with each season following on from the previous and at the same time being the prelude to the next.

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