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Most popular UK fashion blogs

By FashionUnited


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These fashion bloggers have not only managed to set themselves apart in the ever competitive fashion industry, but they have also managed to capture a loyal following via their social media channels. On this fashion blog page are today's most popular fashion bloggers based on their total number of Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and/or Facebook followers as well as their interaction with fans via social media.

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Nella Rose

Nella Rose is a well-known British fashion and lifestyle influencer and vlogger. By filling her feed with shots of her outfits and providing fashion inspiration she has now gained over half a million followers on the platform. The influencer is always trying out new styles and makes it work. Her funny personality shines through in her videos on her channel but also makes appearances on the Footasylum and Netflix UK channel. If you want to have a good laugh and gain fashion inspiration, her YouTube channel is the place to be.

Next to content creation, Nella has created a unisex streetwear brand named "Faces London" and recently hosted the BRITs Awards red carpet. Her popularity earned her the Official Pretty Little Thing YouTuber of the Year Award 2020 and is an ambassador for Fashion Nova Curve. With her fun personality and great fashion sense we are left wondering what is next for Nella Rose?

India Moon

India Moon is a 25-year-old content creator on social platforms including Instagram where she has 136 thousand followers and YouTube where she has nearly seven thousand subscribers.

The London-based blogger has her Instagram filled with picture-perfect outfits. If you are looking for inspiration to spice up your street style looks, definitely take a look. Her looks range from dresses paired with fun accessories to casual jeans matched with an exciting top.

Moon's outfits are available on LikeToKnowIt, a social-based shopping service platform that allows users to purchase items they are wearing in a given post.

Additionally, she has a blog entitled ‘love, India Moon’, she posts online content about many subjects: style, health, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel with her very own tips and tricks.

Tess Montgomery

Tess Montgomery is a slow fashion blogger, influencer and model.

The London-based blogger aims to inspire and motivate her followers to be more mindful on social media, she famously started the #mindfluencing campaign on Instagram. She also commenced the ‘one item a month’ challenge to create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Tess’ Instagram feed shows a gorgeous collection of photos with neutral tones and some of the most stylish outfits. Her blog features articles on sustainable fashion, lifestyle, skincare and more.

With 269 thousand followers on Instagram, over 2,000 followers on Pinterest and more than 1,000 followers on YouTube, she is definitely one to keep an eye out for if you are ready to start your sustainable wardrobe!

Sherrie Webster

Sherrie Webster is a London-based fashion blogger and YouTuber.

She is currently thriving on Instagram with a following of 103 thousand followers. Her style can clearly be seen through her feed featuring monochrome street style outfits with hints of colour splashed throughout. She shares styling, skincare and make-up tips with her followers through posts and outfit reels.

As well, she has four thousand followers on YouTube and 17 thousand followers on TikTok.

Additionally, Webster is on LikeToKnowIt, a social-based shopping service platform that allows users to purchase items they are wearing in a given post.

We look forward to seeing the outfits Sherrie puts together next!

Monikh Dale

Monikh Dale is a fashion stylist, model and writer.

She is currently represented by the Premier Model Management agency, she contributes articles to Who What Wear, she is a contributing beauty editor to Wardrobe Icons and she has her own website.

Dale’s style can clearly be seen through her Instagram posts featuring timeless outfits with a chic flair. Her blog features articles written about styling advice, sustainable fashion and fashion edits.

She has a following of 215 thousand followers on Instagram.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a 33-year-old influencer, YouTuber and author.

Bright’s Youtube is filled with fashion beauty and tutorials in haircare, style advice and lifestyle. Her Instagram is packed with outfit reels and beautiful backdrops.

Recently, she has collaborated with clothing brand Lavish Alice and has created 30 clothing pieces. She has also worked with other brands including Elizabeth Arden, Karen Millen, Laura Mercier and others.

Bright is one of the biggest British influencers with a following of 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 2.91 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce is a 24-year-old lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, make-up artist and model.

Pierce works with many fashion labels including online retailer Asos where she has a style edit collection. She also works with brands including Reebok, Estée Lauder, Boots, Look Fantastic, Spotify and more.

Her Instagram feed shows a beautiful collection of photos with her dressed in the most chic outfits with a monochrome vibe. Pierce’s YouTube is filled with her everyday routines, fashion advice and make-up tutorials.

She has a following of 982 thousand followers on Instagram and 398 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Jordan Lipscombee

Jordan Lipscombee is a 22-year-old fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube.

Lipscombee’s Instagram feed is filled with styling videos and outfit inspiration for her followers and is most known for her daily routines and tutorials on fashion, make-up, skincare and hair on her YouTube.

She has recently created a clothing collection with fast-fashion retailer Missguided.

She also works with other brands including fashion label Shein and Lounge Underwear.

She has a following of 1.88 million subscribers on YouTube and 526 thousand followers on Instagram, making her one to watch.

Alicia Roddy

Alicia Roddy is a 26-year-old British fashion blogger and YouTuber who focuses on fashion and styling.

She studied Business Management Sales and Marketing at Nottingham College in the United Kingdom before delving fully into the world of fashion.

Roddy’s Instagram bio currently reads: “Me in different outfits in different places,” which could not be more accurate as her page is filled with aesthetically pleasing outfits shot in minimalistic backgrounds. While her YouTube videos concentrate on styling for the different seasons.

As well, she is on LikeToKnowIt, a social-based shopping service platform which allows users to purchase items they are wearing in a given post and she has previously worked with Missguided on a lookbook edit.

With a following of 1.3 million Instagram followers and 78.9 thousand YouTube subscribers, Alicia Roddy is widely known on the fashion scene.

Elle Darby

Elle Darby, a social media influencer from Bath England, has built herself a career doing what she loves by posting content relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. She is recently engaged to fitness trainer and part time youtuber Connor Swift. She started out as a youtuber in 2015 filming her transition into a fitness vlogger. Today, together with their two pups and fiancee, Elle has created an audience on Youtube posting vlogs, fashion and lifestyle videos.

In 2019 Elle launched the Angelle Collection to give women access to luxurious, flattering cosy and comfortable loungewear without having to pay a designer price tag. Her collections are ideal for small trips to the store, tea with friends or simply a night in.

Idressmyselff - Yanin Namasonthi

Yanin Namasonthi started as a micro-blogger from Tumblr, around 2012, with her blog idressmyselff. She would occasionally write her posts about - and we quote - “Outfits ready to choose for the next day as a result of wanting to get some extra sleep, rather than waking up super early.” This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Although Yanin no longer manages online content that consists simply of photos with outfits, her current Instagram profile with over 145,000 followers has now become one of the popular destinations for ‘inspiration’ in daily women wear.

Yanin’s Instagram reflects her own personal style; a mix of a tom-boy flair with a touch of femininity, all the while, partially hinting at those underlying, intricate tattoos. The 25-year-old bride-to-be also captures her journey towards her wedding day with snapshots of her beloved fiancé, Oliver. Their ceremony will be convened in Los Angeles in November 2020. These personal glimpses into Yanin’s lifestyle help to connect her to her own loyal online fanbase, and it is truly heartfelt for many to follow along with.

Furthermore, not only does Yanin write blogs and capture a consistently aesthetic Instagram page, but she has also launched her own jewellery collection with Astrid & Miyu. Her next milestones are to be anticipated by many followers to come.

Olivia & Alice

Twinnig is winning! Although Olivia and Alice are not actually twins, it’s what they do best: one glance at their Instagram page and you’ll immediately see their carefully coordinated outfits and colourful looks.

The London based sisters say they live and breathe fashion. Their own brand started in 2014: Amelia Jane London sells pom pom hats, bobble hats and scarves.

After launching their brand, the ever-so-stylish entrepreneurs started their blog and Instagram page together. Until then, they still had separate pages, but it only seemed natural to join their Instagram-forces as well.

If you’re looking for trend inspiration or want to dress more creatively, we definitely recommend you check out their Instagram page.

Fashion Mumblr - Josie

Josie is a British fashion and lifestyle blogger, YouTube influencer, writer, photographer, and business entrepreneur. Truly an all-round fashionista, in our opinion! She graduated from the London College of Fashion and started her career in Mulberry’s marketing department. While working there, she was infatuated by everything fashion-related; beauty, luxury, as well as spending much of her time browsing for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. This eventually led to her starting at Fashion Mumblr, which is now recognized as one of Europe’s leading, influential fashion blogs.

Josie’s Instagram feed shows a gorgeous collection of photos with neutral tones, some of the most stylish outfits, and at Instagram-worthy hotspots. Josie also sells the image filters she uses for her photos and helps other people improve their blogging-game by writing about the latest Instagram trends and what could be considered some of the best online collaboration strategies. Additionally, what is noteworthy as well is the fact that Josie writes a lot about sustainability and being eco-friendly, which then positively influences many of her followers.

Josie also has a YouTube channel.

Thesilksneaker - Shloka Narang

Shloka Narang started her blog, The Silk Sneaker, in 2015. She inspires millenial women with a style of laid-back luxury, saying that “luxury is more than just a label, it’s that feeling of confidence and comfort in what you wear when you step out the door, no matter where it’s from or what it is.” Her blog features articles on style, beauty, and travel, as well as an opportunity to shop Shloka’s outfits that she has worn on Instagram.

The London-based blogger’s style can clearly be seen through the Instagram posts featuring street style outfits with a flair of luxury. Shloka’s feed is colourful, consistent and full of positivity.

In addition to creating content for her own blog, Shloka also writes for yoyokylala.com, a blog run by one of Singapore’s most internationally recognised social media personalities. As a contributor, Shloka has written a few articles on travel, London Fashion Week, and more.

As a fresh start into the new year, Shloka has recently announced that she will be changing the Instagram name from ‘The Silk Sneaker’ to her own name. But not to worry, The Silk Sneaker blog will be here to stay and according to Shloka we can expect newer, fresher and more personal content.

Molly Mae

Molly Mae is an influencer from Hertfordshire UK and a former 2019 Love Island participant, where she came in second place with Tommy Fury, who has remained her boyfriend until today. Besides her appearance on television she is also a brand ambassador for Beauty Works and has launched multiple collections with Pretty Little Thing. The collections were a huge success, with items being sold out within hours of launching. The influencer has donated profits to the charity mind.

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Sandy girl

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She now has her own brand Filter by Molly Mae which creates a new way of tanning by leaving a seamlessly radiant finish. Her company provides products for every skin tone and aims at creating a bronzer and more hydrated look. In addition to her business, she is also active on Youtube where she posts vlogs, beauty and fashion videos for her 1.37M subscribers.

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Grace F Victory

A fierce fashion sense, a powerful attitude and encouraging spirit are all part of what Grace Victory stands for. The successful creator spreads her inspiring words and values across social media platforms to share positivity and self love. She is not only a TedX speaker but also has been awarded the “Most Inspiring Role Model” for InStyle Magazines Project 13 and the “Creator For Change” for the Lovie Awards in 2019.

Not only does she almost have 200k followers on Instagram, she is a columnist at Happiful Magazine and the Founder of How to Heal Holistically. In January 2021 her wellness book “How to Calm It” will be published which offers ways on how to process what's going on in your head and connect your feelings and body.

The influencer talks about problems young people and women face, but also topics that might seem off limits such as diet culture, self awareness, therapy and spirituality. Grace focuses on plus size fashion and embraces body positivity, making her an inspiration to all.

Shot From The Street

Lizzy Hadfield is a girl from Manchester who has decided to move to London, to be more connected to what she loves the most. Fashion. She shares the passion on her blog Shot From The Street. As she studied the history of art at a University in Leeds, you can see and feel the artsy touch on everything she does. Her blog resembles the Tumblr board we all used to be obsessing about. It is a grid style blog that is a true reflection of Lizzy. We can see she puts a lot of time and effort into the content and aesthetic of her blog. Some call it quirky and alternative. She also shares her Spotify playlist. One of the great features of the blog is the CHAT tab, where all her supporters can express their thoughts and be engaged with Lizzy.

Lizzy describes her style as personal, minimal and casual. It shines with sophistication and strong but subtle femininity. She manages to mix high-street with designer clothing with such an ease. She adores tailored statement pieces and all-things-timeless. Lizzy is a lover of knitwear, iconic over-the-knee boots and dark denim.

Let’s acknowledge that her Instagram feed is exceptionally charming and pleasant. She focuses on outfit photography where she solely post outfit pictures at the moment. Photos have a deep, vintage look, old-school tones, looks like something from the 80s. Every single photo tells a story. Sometimes Lizzi does not say what it is about, it is up to your imagination. She uses film camera, such as the Olympus Mju II or disposable camera. On Instagram you can see well-done collaborations with Lipault Paris and Maje.

On YouTube, Lizzy can get her personality across. She does so through personal vlogs, where she shares highs and lows of her life and the blogging creative process. Her audience loves to see various travel destinations. Lizzy’s content includes artsy lookbooks and series called Testing Basics, where she talks about the staple wardrobe items, compares them and gives an inspiration on how to style these pieces. Few episodes are about flat ankle boots, skinny jeans, summer dresses, and white T-shirts. This series are one of the most comprehensive out of all you can find on YouTube. It is worth to watch!

One of the many Lizzy’s tips: Don’t wear a bra if you don’t want to. Whether you are wearing a bra or not is so unimportant, it is your own choice. You can catch her at: Instagram @shotfromthestreet, YouTube Lizzy Hadfield and blog https://www.shotfromthestreet.com/


THE 4 OF US is a lifestyle blog run by three models and friends, who came to London for life, work and love. Annabell is from Germany, Zsanett from Hungary, and Sara from Norway. You may ask yourself, how have they ended up together? The girls have all been in the modelling industry from a young age. Each of them has individual story and experiences. However, the common passion for modelling, blogging, photography and fashion led them to work on the joint blog together.

How is it possible that the blog is called THE 4 OF US and there are only 3 awesome girls? One of their friends was supposed to join them but at the end she had to move away from London. To fill up the 4th role, every month they invite a guest blogger. The girls have had photographers, models, stylists, directors, hairstylists, makeup artists, and other bloggers as their guests. The point of having a new blogger every month is to keep the blog diverse and fresh for the readers, whilst the girls create their intriguing content.

Annabell (@aannabell.r) lived for some period of her life in Germany, San Francisco, Australia, and now in London. At some point she has worked in the marketing field. After moving to London, she has decided to explore the art and film industry. She is also a part of a female freelancer collective and creative agency called FEMALE NARRATIVES. Annabell’s passion are all things DIY, therefore, she got crafty and created her funky jewellery line. She is also focused on the modeling career and is represented by agency Linden Staub.

Zsanett (@zsanettkorosi) started to model in her home country Hungary. She was offered to go to Asia, where she stayed for 6 years in total, moving from one huge city to another. Afterwards, Zsanett came to London, where she has continued to pursue her modeling aspirations in the UK market. Zsanett is represented by MOT Models.

Sara’s (@saraskjoldnes) modelling genes are inherited in the family, as her auntie was doing modeling and was her inspiration since the beginning. Later, she moved to London because of her boyfriend and music possibility. Now Sara works full-time as a model in London. She is into becoming an entrepreneur and also got a business degree at The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Sara is represented in London by MOT Models, in Oslo by TEAM Models and in Gothenburg by Lind Models.

The girls have so many opportunities to travel and create exciting and unique blog posts about their life experiences, and give modeling tips. As model bloggers they get to attend fancy events, connect with other industry-influencers, have shoots together and collaborate with relevant brands. They are constantly working on amazing posts, quality images for both the blog and social media. THE 4 OF US have done many high profile campaigns, editorials, and TV commercials. Collaborated with beauty brands like Clinique, Rimmel London, Revlon. Hair brands L'Oréal, Headmasters UK, Wella and many more. They also like to support smaller designers and artists.

THE 4 OF US has won many awards. They are winners of UK BLOG AWARDS in Business Fashion & Beauty, Content Creator of the year and are Highly Recommended in Business Lifestyle in 2018.

You can catch them at: Instagram @the4ofus_uk and blog https://www.the4ofus.co.uk/

Steve Booker

Steve is a London based blogger, and the first male addition to our Most Popular UK Fashion Blogs. His blog layout is highly innovative and artsy, but at the same time minimalistic. On the blog, he shows his love of fashion, photography, design, tech and belief in humanity. He is a guy putting together clean and original outfits, creating wearable looks for everyday life and special occasions. The goal is to be comfy and stylish at the same time. He creates lookbooks, shows people his favourite shopping spots and essentials. You can know him as a guy with the change of the hairstyle from brown to blond and back to brown.

Everybody can become a photographer these days. However, Steve is a photographer with a soul and vision. You can feel all the emotions whilst soaking up the beauty of his photographs. His skills just amaze us! Booker also has a YouTube channel where he features his latest findings and adventures. He does travel challenges - 5 countries in 5 days, favourites, road trips, trying out new gear to make his content look bomb, street diaries and much more. He connects with the audience through vlogs where he likes to share his everyday life but also promotes education, shares important messages, works with Red Cross. Steve wants to overcome himself from the physical and mental point of view. He is aims to get stronger and healthier. He tries to do so with biking and hiking.

Overall he is inspiring other people through travels and documenting life in a creative and authentic way. He is always up for any adventure, either with his close friends, wife or by himself. He has visited many cool countries, such as Iceland, Italy, Russia, Austria, Canada, UK and more. Steve works only with brands that he respects and admires. Such as Canon, OMEGA, Foot Locker, MR PORTER, Apple.

He has a great voice for podcasts. You would love to listen to him. Maybe a future project Steve?

You can catch him at: Instagram @stevebooker, blog https://www.stevebooker.co.uk/, YouTube https://bit.ly/2lOXgbT, https://bit.ly/2zaKKI5

Camille Charrière

Camille started her blog Camille Over the Rainbow in 2010. She followed her passion and has fully committed to this job, this time she settled in London. At the beginning, she worked at Net-a-Porter on editorial content. People call her a successful blogger, podcaster, stylist and influencer. Well, she does not like the term influencer because she is not the one to call herself like that, it is arrogant and too authoritative. Camille just aims to inspire and empower people. She realised she doesn't need to be a model or designer to be in fashion. Through the power of content, social media and public voice Charrière is one of the women who makes a fashion history.

She loves to compare British and French lifestyle, behaviour and style. Style is so subjective, it is a personal affair. Camille believes in an effortless French style that mixes emerging and luxury fashion. In France, unless you are prepared to conform you will get negative remarks about your style. French people can be quite judgemental and believe in the one truth. Charrière herself sometimes acts in that way and voices the opinion to others. But she realizes that this thinking may close lot of doors and places that are worth exploring. But never apologize for the way you dress, just own it.

As Instagram has taken a lead, people are much more interested in how many followers you have than people who read your blog. People are following so many people these days that you have to stand out from the crowd if you want to grab them. She is open about the need to strike a balance between staying true to herself and attaining commercial success. She has collaborated with brands like Chloé, Mango, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger. Charrière is an advocate for disclosure of paid content and brand partnerships.

Together with Monica Ainley, Camille also co-hosts the podcast Fashion: No Filter, which gives a behind the scenes exposé-type look at fundamental issues in fashion. The podcast on iTunes is light-hearted, fun and speaks to girls of the # generation. She has always been conscious of environmental issues and excessive consumption. Camille was named one of the BoF500 - The People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry.

You can catch her at: Instagram @camillecharriere & @fashionnofilter, blog www.camilleovertherainbow.com , podcast https://apple.co/2O8y1iG

Sarah Mikaela

Sarah is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger who shares her styling inspiration on the blog Framboise Fashion. She has Danish-Australian roots and is based in London. London is filled with creative people. Sarah herself is shines with originality and authenticity. She is also a talented photographer, stylist and creative writer. Nothing gets her more excited than being behind the camera and doing creative direction. Her photos show a moment, that many people are not able to capture. She is amazing at combining all the creative skills and creating something unique.

Blog turned out to be a full-time business that has allowed her to work with a multitude of brands. Sharah collaborates with brands such as Givenchy, REISS, Christian Louboutin, Dior. She is a digital content and storytelling pro, knows how to code and is able to develop creative authenticity through content. She has directed content tailored to the brands she works with.

Frédérique Harrel

Freddie was born in Paris but has been living in London for few years. She is passionate about women and believes that they are powerful and limitless. Frankie herself is a woman of hundreds of personalities. She is known to be bubbly, witty and always smiling. Freddie founded SHE Unleashed Workshop where she helps women to feel confident and to love themselves in a society that tells them that they are not enough. She praises fashion as a weapon of massive confidence.

Freddie loves bright colours and can combine them in an extraordinary way - so called style chameleon. Her favourite things are the co-ord, culottes and strong fabrics. She shares her style and lifestyle tips on her blog and YouTube channel. You can easily recognize her - big fuzzy hair. Talking about hair, she wants to help black women lead better lives, and believes hair can be the root of it all. She aims to change the entire culture around black women’s relationship with their hair. That is how Big Hair No Care was born. It is a range of ethical afro hair extensions.

Freddie runs many events, workshops and activities designed to help women fulfil their potential in all areas of life through fashion, identity and experimentation. She was also a speaker at TEDxBrighton. Freddie won a Cosmopolitan Influencer of 2018 and Marie Claire Power 30 18'.

You can catch her at: Instagram @freddieharrel, blog http://freddieharrel.com/

Natasha Ndlovu

Natasha is a model, blogger and photographer. She was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. Since 2013, her blog Bisous Natasha has grown a lot. It showcases her personal style, travels and creativity through photography and writing. The blog is the way to express herself, social media has helped her to meet people, being inspired by them and inspire others. Her style in few words: clean, minimal, structured, well-tailored. She also loves to be in jeans and wear flats. Natasha makes sure she always takes with her the classic signature piece, small black Chanel bag. She is a big fan of Topshop, H&M, & Other Stories as she feels inspired by Scandinavian fashion.

Natasha speaks 5 languages - English, Ndebele, Spanish and French, currently learning Russian. She lives in London and as it is an international epicentrum of Europe she wants to connect with all the cultures. She is passionate about arts as she studied in Vancouver and got a degree in Visual Arts. Natasha shares her experiences working in the fashion industry on her YouTube channel, provides tips for young girls - how to become a model and what it means to actually work as one. Hard work has brought her to be represented by a modeling agency Storm. She got rejected many times but has never given up.

You can catch her at: her instagram @natashandlovu, blog http://www.bisousnatasha.com/ and YouTube - Natasha Ndlovu.

Susie Lau

Susie Lau, also known as Susie Bubble is a fashion writer. She started her blog in 2006. She was one of the first bloggers at the UK scene, back in the days when blogging was just for fun and not an actual business tool. Susie is British Born Chinese and includes some aspects of the culture into her style. Nothing is particularly normal about what she wears. ,She has a very unique and eclectic wardrobe and describes her style as lot of texture, colour, print and statement pieces. She is all about vintage and outstanding designer collections. Susie loves bold jackets, velvet and fancy glasses.

She attends fashion weeks, knows many people in the fashion industry where her personal experiences, observations on fashion are highly valued. She does so through storytelling and pays attention to things that other people do not. Susie is also involved in major collaborations with brands like Coach and Tiffany & Co. She works full-time on her blog and other freelance projects with Coach, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Topshop and contributing to publications such as as Dazed, Vogue.com, Elle UK. Susie is passionate about sustainability, she believes that it is important to make consumer think about where their clothes come from, how things are made.

You can catch her at her: instagram @susiebubble, blog http://stylebubble.co.uk/

Her Instagram:

Doina Ciobanu

Doina is a fashion blogger that turned into a well-known model (NEXT agency) and influencer. She originally comes from Moldova and currently lives in London, where she is using all the opportunities to work on her career, to showcase her personality and also to brand herself. She has worked with the most powerful fashion houses such as Dior and Fendi. Her fashion style varies a lot, it depends if she is traveling, attending the fashion events or chilling in a cafe. Doina believes that what we wear and how we wear it, reflects our inner personality and helps to develop it. The most important thing is to be yourself.

Doina has become remarkable throughout the world of fashion, both through her blog "The Golden Diamonds" and through appearances in magazines such as Vogue, GQ or Elle. She is really passionate about the political situation, therefore she studied at the university and got a degree political science and diplomacy. Forbes Romania featured Doina amongst their Top 30 under 30 in 2017 and one of the top 19 Young Entrepreneurs of Romania. She has experience with public speaking on multiple events including Google’s Startup Grin, Web Summit and Festival of Marketing.

You can catch her at her: instagram @doina, blog http://thegoldendiamonds.com/ , YouTube Doina Vlogs

Her most liked media:


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Megan Ellaby

Megan comes from Manchester (true Mancunian). She is a graduate of fashion communication and promotion, so she can perfectly handle fashion PR, marketing, styling, photography and journalism. Megan started with few intern jobs for companies such as House of Holland, Alexander McQueen and JD Sports. When you watch her videos and read the blog, these words describe her style the best - crazy but chic, bright and vibrant, personal and different. The content ranges from fashion hauls, trends, lookbooks to vlogs and chatty videos.

Her videos and photos have a unique vibe. Megan is great at posing, choosing shoot locations and telling a story through what she wears. She combines high street (H&M, Mango) with more luxurious fashion brands (Stella McCartney, Gucci). Megan is also a fan of independent boutiques, pop-up shops and promotes British companies such as Topshop and ASOS. She won Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer and the InStyle Project 13 Best Fashion Blogger award. One of her dreams is to design own shoe range.

You can catch her at: her YouTube channel, instagram @meganellaby, blog www.meganellaby.com

Her most liked media:

All of my dreams have come true Meet Peter (brown) and Nancy (black)

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Niomi Smart

With a keen eye for fashion, beauty, and food, Niomi’s YouTube channel and blog are the perfect places for all things lifestyle. Niomi shares her personal beauty routines and style choices. She often shows her plant-based recipes and workout inspiration, making her an excellent advocate for health and fitness. Niomi is an author of the book Eat Smart and co-founder of SourcedBox, a snack delivery service that makes healthy living simple and exciting. She lives in London but also travels all around the world and collaborates with some if the biggest fashion brands like Dior, adidas, Hollister and etc. Still, Niomi manages to keep her authentic personality and motivates all her followers to express themselves and to never give up on their dreams.

You can catch her at: her YouTube channel, her instagram @niomismart or read her book Eat smart

Her most liked media:

Victoria (inthefrow)

Winning twice in a row the award for Best UK Fashion Blog, inthefrow was rightfully considered as one of the most influential blogging websites in the UK. Behind the award-winning glamorous blog, there is a even more glamorous and recognizable figure - Victoria. She has a PhD in Fashion and experience as a Fashion Marketing lecturer at the university of Manchester. Apart from that, her professional career consists of numerous projects and partnerships with brands like Dior, Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Bvlgari, Nike and others. Her hair colour is her distinctive feature which sets the tone for her blog. An interesting fact is that her career took off with her YouTube channel.

You can catch her at: her own YouTube Channel or her insta blog: inthefrow

Her most liked media:

Hannah Crosskey

There are people that know nothing about blogging or working with such a platform and who become fashion influencers partnering with some of the best UK fashion brands. Such a figure is our latest fashion inspiration - Hannah Crosskey. Hannah starts her fashion blog A Fashion Fix just as a hobby in 2012 and then she turns it into a full-time job. Her professionalism rewards her with working with companies like Selfridges, Farfetch; Harvey Nichols, Coach and etc. Typical for her style is the relaxed and unplanned look, usually with oversized attire.

You can catch her at: her personal blog A Fashion Fix

Her most liked media:

Sandra Hagelstam

FashionUnited UK’s latest suggestion comes from the Nordic countries - the Swedish inspiration and fashion influencer Sandra Hagelstam. Having started her fashion blog ‘5 inch and up’ in 2010, Sandra continues to actively follow the latest fashion trends, introducing to her following the latest craze about high-heels, jewelry and beauty products. She manages to combine this with picturesque and instagram-worthy locations while expressing her own personal style. Her ability to share her love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle as a part of her life wins her thousands of followers and fans. Did you know that Sandra Hagelstam recently started her career as an actress as well? You can watch her late this year in her two movies ‘After Louise’ and ‘One Night’, which are still in post-production.

You can see her at: the movies ‘After Louise’ and ‘One Night’ or check her personal fashion blog ‘5 inch and up’

Her most liked media:

Kelly Eastwood

This week FashionUnited UK presents to your attention Kelly Eastwood - an increasingly in spotlight British fashion blogger and influencer. Kelly, who grew up in the vast lands of beautiful nature in East Africa, is a notable supporter of the wildlife in the continent. She collaborated in projects in Kenya, donating 100% of the generated profits. Apart from her altruistic endeavors, she also collaborates with some of the top jewellery and beauty companies like Klorane, Debenhams and Thomas Sabo.

You can see her at: Hello! Fashion Monthly where she has her own page, or you can find out more about her if you visit her website TheLondonChatter.

Her most liked media:

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams started out as a fashion assistant in Sheerluxe and InStyle magazine six years ago before becoming an editor for Innovation Research & Advisory Stylus. Living in West London currently, now Lucy has her own fashion blog where she regularly posts personal outfits, travel diaries, beauty posts and more.

Places you can possibly meet Lucy Williams include her favourite restaurants (The Modern Pantry (London), Brunswick House Café (London)), places to shop (Deuxieme, Rellick, Portobello Market) or on holiday destinations such as Greece and Zanzibar.

You can check her own fashion blog Fashion Me Now

Her most liked media:

Camille Charriere

Camille Charriere is a fashion freelancer based in London. She grew up in Paris before moving to the UK to seek a career in law and finance. Her growing passion for the fashion industry led her to working together with NET-A-PORTER and Matchesfashion.com. In 2010 she started her own fashion blog CamilleOverTheRainbow where she lets people experience her stylish world with the genuine addition of some personal aspirations.

In her professional portfolio, you can see collaborations with well-known brands like H&M, VOGUE, ELLE and The Wall Street Journal amongst many.

You can hear her at: the Fashion: No Filter podcast, where she co-hosts alongside Monica Ainle or you can check her blog CamilleOverTheRainbow

Her most liked media:

Meanwhile, in the land of the selfie... #neverapologiseforselfies

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These fashion bloggers have not only managed to set themselves apart in the ever competitive fashion industry, but they have also managed to capture a loyal following via their social media channels. On this fashion blog page are today's most popular fashion bloggers based on their total number of Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and/or Facebook followers as well as their interaction with fans via social media.

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Sherrie Webster

Sherrie Webster is a London-based fashion blogger and YouTuber.

She is currently thriving on Instagram with a following of 103 thousand followers. Her style can clearly be seen through her feed featuring monochrome street style outfits with hints of colour splashed throughout. She shares styling, skincare and make-up tips with her followers through posts and outfit reels.

As well, she has four thousand followers on YouTube and 17 thousand followers on TikTok.

Additionally, Webster is on LikeToKnowIt, a social-based shopping service platform that allows users to purchase items they are wearing in a given post.

We look forward to seeing the outfits Sherrie puts together next!

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