Amazon is launching a network of collection points in the UK and Italy. Called Counter, the behemoth retailer will offer a service for customers to receive their orders at physical stores in a bid to extend its network of partners.

The retail giant, who was named America’s most valuable retail brand in 2019 by Kantar, has signed a partnership with value retailer Next to be able to operate counters from its 500 outlets across the UK. In Italy the company forged a deal with Giunti, a bookstore operator, and several other store parents.

Counter is part of the Amazon Hub range of services and joins Amazon Lockers. "For Counter we used a technology that radically improves and modifies the click & collect service," explains Patrick Supanc, director of the Lockers service and collection points, in a statement.

Amazon is already trying to involve new partners and extend collaboration to small neighborhood stores and chains. The Counter network will be progressively extended to all store partners during 2019.

After completing the order on Amazon Italy or UK, customers will proceed with the payment email and receive a unique barcode in addition to the address and opening times of the store. From that moment, customers will have fourteen days to cancel the order. Once in the shop, customers will show the bar code to the store staff who will scan it and deliver the package.


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