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Black Friday could surpass Christmas sales

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Black Friday is already the biggest retail shopping day of the year in the US and could soon surpass the UK's pre Christmas shopping frenzy. This year Black Friday is set to attract one in five British shoppers, becoming more popular than the week prior to Christmas according to a new consumer survey by analytics provider SAS.

Shoppers are lured by bargains and discounted items as price is the most important factor in gift-buying this year, with three in four shoppers ranking it as their most important consideration, with the holiday excitement coming as the second best reason.

"Consumers are highly motivated by price in 2015, according to our survey," said Alan Lipson, SAS global retail marketing manager. "So for consumers, my guidance is pay attention to your preferred retailers. Sign up for their loyalty programs, download their apps, follow them on social media, and visit their web sites for deals. Retailers want to reach you in the way you want, so make that work to your advantage," Lipson said.

Lipson also said retailers know a consumer's time is valuable. If an item runs out in the store or online, consumers will look for what they want from a competitor. “Consumers are in the driver's seat during the holidays, more than any other time of the year,” he said.

Overall, shoppers are set to spend more this year than in 2014, with 24 per cent likely to spend more. This compares to 56 percent of shoppers who will spend the same and 17 percent of consumers who will be tightening their belts.

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