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H&M to charge for paper bags in Italy

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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H&M has furthered its commitment to ending the war on plastic by implementing a 0.10 euro charge for paper bags across all its stores in Italy.

H&M said the profits will be donated to WWF Italy in support of the Oasis project, an initiative for the protection of biodiversity and endangered species in Italy.

H&M in a statement said it is committed to ensuring that all packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. A study is currently underway on the entire labeling and packaging system, such as price tags, gift boxes, receipts and transport boxes. This will help identify the best ways to recover materials and produce packaging, as well as study the entire life cycle to optimize it.

Back in December H&M Group, which also operates Arket, Cos, Weekday, And Other Stories announced it would replace the plastic packaging it ships online orders in with a certified paper alternative that’s both reusable and recyclable.

“We are introducing a type of packaging that is better for both the customer and the environment,” said Hanna Lumikero, who’s responsible for the new packaging system at H&M Group. “We are making a huge impact by replacing the outer plastic with a paper solution. This is a small step on a long journey.”

Image via Pexels