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How consumers want to shop for fashion in-store

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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IFCO Tradefair Credits: IFCO

Fashion and sportswear consumers are increasingly embracing a hybrid approach to shopping, with 72 percent expressing a preference for both online and in-store experiences, according to recent research. This shift underscores a desire for consistency across channels, driven by the allure of physically interacting with products.

Touching and trying on items remain key motivations for in-store visits, with 55 percent of shoppers valuing the tactile experience. Additionally, 69 percent draw inspiration from their physical shopping encounters. The study, conducted by retail innovation agency Outform, surveyed 1,000 respondents across the UK, USA, France, and Germany over 12 months.

Smartphones play a pivotal role in the in-store journey, with 75 percent of shoppers considering their mobile device the most crucial technology. This highlights a mobile-first approach among consumers, with 64 percent utilising their phones while in physical retail spaces.

Hannah Abbasi, Head of Insight & Strategy at Outform, emphasizes the significance of integrating multiple channels seamlessly to meet evolving consumer expectations. Shoppers expect active participation with brands, from try-on experiences to interactive digital engagements.

Engaging with technology

Key findings also underscore the appeal of interactive technologies such as QR codes and Augmented Reality (AR), with 66 percent finding them engaging. QR codes are particularly favored for their utility, while AR is valued for its ability to aid visualization. Moreover, 73% of respondents are open to using interactive screens in-store, emphasizing the importance of immersive digital experiences.

An overwhelming 83 percent of fashion and sportswear shoppers believe in-store screens should offer interactivity, highlighting the imperative for retailers to adapt to changing preferences and enhance overall shopping experiences through digital integration.