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John Lewis & Partners launches its first virtual Christmas shop

By Andrea Byrne


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John Lewis & Partners’ customers are shopping for Christmas earlier than ever before, as sales are up 112 percent compared to 2019.

With just 91 days until Christmas, the company has opened its Christmas shop for customers at its flagship store on Oxford Street, as well as for the first time virtually on its website.

Due to Covid-19 people have spent more time at home this year. John Lewis & Partners suspect their 300 percent increase on Christmas room decorations sales could be due to customers looking to decorate their space to enjoy with their families.

The sales of Christmas trees are up by 232 percent, and decorations are up by 156 percent, respectively in comparison to last year.

Dan Cooper, partner and head of Christmas at John Lewis & Partners, said in a statement: “We know that Christmas might look a little different to our customers this year, with smaller celebrations at home and video calls to loved ones. But we also know that many are looking forward to the small joys that the festive season brings: from decorated fireplaces to wreaths on doors.

“Our customers are planning earlier than ever to revel in the festivities and likely spread out the tasks to avoid any last minute rushes. This year we have created a Christmas shop that will of course delight and inspire our customers but we have also focused on making it a simple journey that means they can tick off their list happily and safely.”

The company’s Christmas shops will open in all branches across the country from 25 September - 5 October.

The John Lewis Partnership has recently launched its online Christmas shop, ten days earlier than the year previous due to the high level of customer searches, up by 370 percent compared to last year.

Photo credit: John Lewis & Partners

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