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Marrkt, Permanent Style and J. Girdwood to bring pre-loved to Saville Row

By Rosalie Wessel

6 Dec 2021


Image: Marrkt

Marrkt has joined Permanent Style and J. Girdwood in bringing pre-loved to Saville Row.

The online retailer will be present at The Sale Shop on Saville Row from December 10 and 11. Alongside Simon Crompton of Permanent Style and James Girdwood, the aim is to sell luxury, bespoke and high end second-hand menswear.

The Sale Shop will also feature other brands such as Drakes, Real McCoys, RRL, Nigel Cabourn, Bryceland’s, Orslow and Alden. The trio of retailers will bring samples, second-hand items and quality pieces of tailoring, alongside end of the line products from Viberg boots and Red Rabbit jewellery.

“As our business is all online, we are really excited to be bringing a selection of quality items to sell alongside Simon Crompton and James Girdwood, and particularly excited for the first time to meet new and existing Marrkt customers face to face and in person,” said CEO of Marrkt, Lewis Hull.

The increasing popularity of second hand items has been rising in the past few years, with the developing commitment to sustainability. The collaboration between the three brands allows for a shopping experience that is more environmentally friendly.

“I will be bringing over 100 items to sell, including tailoring and shoes, shirts and ties, knitwear and trousers. Many of these items I would normally sell via Marrkt, but there is something really special about selling some of the more bespoke items in person, and I am very much looking forward to giving a new home to some exceptional pieces,” said founder of Permanent Style, Simon Crompton.