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Retailers are anticipating a post lockdown baby boom

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

12 Mar 2021


Retailers in the UK are anticipating a baby boom post lockdown. Back in March 2020 social media was rife with jokes about an imminent explosion of lockdown babies. Whilst the “boom” has yet to reach the heights of anticipation, maternity ranges have been popping up in the UK’s fast fashion retailers as expectant mothers do not want to compromise on style at any stage of pregnancy.

Boom for retailers

In January new collections were unveiled by Primark and Pretty Little Thing (PYT) with the former’s 44-piece Parenthood range now a permanent wardrobe for expectant mothers, which it markets for all occasions pre and post pregnancy. PYT launched Pretty Little Mama, focused primarily on affordable, trend-led maternity wear. The company said the range embraces comfort without compromising style, consisting of wardrobe basics, casual pieces and bump-friendly loungewear sets.

In the UK Online maternity volumes saw an increase of 16 percent in the first two months of 2021, with retailers adding maternity wear styles and increasing assortment.

According to Marketwatch, the global maternity market is forecasted to reach 24.5 billion dollars by 2025, which indicates an opportunity for non-specialist retailers by unlocking opportunities through the rise of comfort dressing.

Data from Edited suggests consumers are not looking to forego their style and identity throughout pregnancy stages, creating the opportunity to back trends that can also be worn post-birth. The movement of pandemic-accelerated comfort dressing led to many trends last season adapted for this market without creating a standalone range so pregnant and postpartum consumers can shop the same looks as their peers.

Image: Primark Pretty Little Mama