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Selfridges debuts hotdesking for its HQ staff

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

18 Aug 2019


Luxury retailer Selfridges has revamped its buying and merchandising office space and introduced open-plan areas without designated work or desk spaces.

Designed by London-based Alex Cochrane Architects (ACA), its new offices were designed to foster a more creative and collaborative working environment and be more aligned to the nomadic nature of the buying team’s busy travel schedule.

Ownership of one of the 125 workstation is not encouraged with directors opting against any form of cellular office space preferring a roaming presence with laptop and tablet in hand.

Staff remove and store their belongings at the end of the day inside their own designated cupboard only to set up in another location the following day. The employee can decide against a workstation preferring instead to set up in The Kitchen or at one of the two Café areas, or on the terrace outside when the weather is agreeable. Other spaces include The Library or one of the Meeting Booths.

Header 2Sustainability in design was a priority

A sensitive approach towards construction, systems and materials was adopted form the start, focusing on local, re-usable, second hand and green certified materials.

Recycled paper compressed into boards was used as the material choice for the kitchen counter, benches and tables. Wall linings providing acoustic and seats were constructed in boards derived from recycled plastic and bottle tops. Discarded building boards are given new purpose and brought back to life with new coatings. Flooring surfaces are made from 97% raw and natural materials and are fully biodegradable. Acoustic panelling lining the meeting room walls are constructed from 100 percent renewable and discarded wood and can be composted back to nature.

Header 2The open space is designed to encourage new conversations

Connecting and blending the various buying teams and their associates encourages new conversations and ultimately a shared knowledge of current and future trends, said Alex Cochrane Architects in a statement.

Photo: Selfridges Facebook