International visitors who come to the UK to shop favour Britain over any other European retail destination.

According to new research from Premier Tax Free, a global tax refund provider, data shows the UK is top of the list for shoppers, drawing more visitors than retail destinations such as Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

According to the Retail Bulletin the figures correlate with data released from London’s Heathrow Airport which saw the number of tourists travelling to the UK reaching a high this year in July at 7.5 million, an 11 percent increase on June.

Muriel Zingraff-Shariff, UK country manager at Premier Tax Free, said: “The UK’s positive tax free sales figures should be welcomed by retailers, especially on the anniversary of the EU Referendum. Where other sectors have seen slumps, it seems Brexit has not discouraged shoppers for coming to the UK for their luxury spending. London remains a considerable magnet for global shoppers, and arrival figures from Heathrow confirm this.”

The drop in value of the sterling has seen shoppers take advantage of the weak pound, fueling a rise in tourism. Economists hope it will support the flagging UK economy while it goes through any turmoil in the Brexit process.


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