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Uniqlo drops prices in bid to be a high street leader

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Uniqlo collaboration with Clare Waight Keller Credits: Uniqlo

A key element of Uniqlo’s growth strategy is providing consistent quality at more affordable prices. In the UK, where shoppers are grappling with price increases across various consumer services and product sectors, Uniqlo has lowered prices for items such as cashmere sweaters, merino wool pieces, and hoodies.

With 17 stores operating across the UK, Uniqlo’s UK Area Manager, Alessandro Dudech, informed the Telegraph that a decrease in certain material costs has enabled the retailer to offer more competitive prices on premium items.

Despite having a smaller retail footprint when compared to Zara, which operates 70 stores, or Next, which operates 500, Uniqlo considers the UK market a significant growth opportunity. The Japanese high street giant follows a distinct business model, differing from trend-driven Zara or ultra-fast fashion Shein. Uniqlo places emphasis on the quality and functionality of its clothing, avoiding prominent logos and allowing the product to effectively speak for itself.

UK shoppers have demonstrated an appreciation for the brand's focus on durable and comfortable garments without the distraction of a visible brand name or logo.

While the majority of the collections' origins and supply chains are located outside of Japan, the world is currently in an era where sustainability and anti-fast fashion sentiments are on the rise. Uniqlo's garments stand out on the high street, resonating with the growing desire for less conspicuous consumption.