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Kids' wear Fashion Trendbook SS22 by Peclers Paris

By FashionUnited


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We wanted to give our point of view on kids’ wear and the kid market SS22 despite the very sensitive context and our lack of visibility in the future. For us, it’s an opportunity as a creative agency to give some perspective and some ideas for change as well as hope and optimism.

We think that on a global scale there is a gap between families and kids’ lifestyles and the way kid’s fashion is evolving. Both on a business and creative level.

In terms of methodology, we based our reflection on actual interviews and discussions with parents, Peclers’ experts & stylists, people around us but we also interviewed children and asked them what they thought of the future, if they like fashion, what they think about fashion if they care about what they are wearing and so on…

Our key idea: a need for change. This need arises and is accompanied by the need to stay positive and maintain some form of creativity.

More videos on SS22 trends by Peclers Paris to follow, stay tuned!

Video source: Peclers Paris

Photo credit: Peclers Paris

Peclers Paris