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10DAYS BestBasics, the Love Connection campaign

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10DAYS has expanded its BestBasics collection with various, iconic styles. The brand believes in gender fluidity in fashion, the landscape is bending towards more simplicity, uniformity and a unisex wardrobe. The collection therefore consists of styles that can be worn by both women and men. Among the new items added by the Amsterdam lifestyle brand is a black jersey blazer and an alpaca wool grey melee knit sweater. In addition, the existing styles have a new fit and the colors soft white melee and dark grey blue have been added. The result is a collection that touches the core of the 10DAYS brand more than ever.

“Love Connection” campaign

In honor of the renewed BestBasics collection, 10DAYS has launched the “Love Connection” campaign in which freedom is central, the most important core value of the brand. Especially nowadays there is a need for a positive message. Four couples and two singles put their own spin on the BestBasics collection and share their inspiring stories about freedom to love the way they want. The campaign will run until May 2021.

The 10DAYS BestBasics clothing and home accessories form the foundation of 10DAYS collections. That is why the collection is always available regardless of the season: timeless basics which you can effortlessly combine all year round.

Read more about 10Days on the brand page: fashionunited.com/companies/10days

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