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Metallic Fate – Mission impossible to dream coming true

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Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

During springtime, Yvette LIBBY N’Guyen Paris gladly announced their new collection, Metallic Fate. It represents the love-hate relationship for each character in the story of 'The Godfather', reflecting the sympathy for it with the quote 'The world is neither black nor white, it is only gray.' Every character carries a different fate. We all find aspects of them to love, or to hate. We all see their true natures in the situations that the Godfather’s characters are dealing with.

The world is neither black nor white, it is only grey

If you are a lover, or have a little interest, for the novel trilogy 'The Godfather' then you will resonate with this quote. Each character in the story represents a different fate, and readers are encouraged to fall in love with each of them. No matter how good or bad they are, we all find aspects of them to love, or to hate. The way these characters deal with their fate is something that unites the story and has captivated generations of fans of this novel.

As the saying goes - 'Mission impossible to dream coming true!' This quotation is the inspiration for Yvette LIBBY's latest collection, the Metallic Fate.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Yvette LIBBY N’Guyen Paris wants to make the meaning of fashion come true, reflected in every piece of our design house. From the classical exclusive outerwear, and the retro bag, to the book. That could be our fate, as we carry the soft dream of an retro-inclusive- ecological fashion house, as we grow and expand to the North American market.

Actualization of the thought

Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Yvette LIBBY keeps laying the groundwork for our big dreams by releasing designs inspired by the classic novel 'The Godfather' 30 tailor-made pieces with subtle styling changes for men, women, and unisex represent how the characters in this novel deal with the situations that fate has thrown at them. You will find classic sayings of the characters in each design - herein, they are not maxims of the greats that you must follow, but from people who have lived their lives to the fullest. And if you are in tune with them, then Metallic Fate is the collection you should not miss, as it includes the following designs:

  • 10 retro designs inspired by famous quotes from 'The Godfather'
  • 10 contemporary designs named after some special characters
  • 10 modern designs named after lessons to learn from “The Godfather”.
  • Using dramatic colors that correspond to the story implied by the design
  • Using various ecological materials that adhere to 'green' standards, aesthetic beauty, but optimal comfort
  • Customers contacting to change the size according to your body (if any) are welcome, and this is completely free

Every Metallic Fate design is more than just a costume; it tells a story. This design is for you if you're willing to listen to these stories.

Image: Yvette Libby N'Guyen

Just like the communities and experts once questioned 'The Godfather' when Paramount turned it into a movie, they wondered if there would be a slur against Italian Americans. Yvette LIBBY N’Guyen Paris does not expect perfectionism when starting a first draft of any new collection. We humbly dream of becoming the greatest designers. The entire team, from top designer to the expert tailor, fabric, garment and production associates, we work together to deliver a design from the sketch paper to reality. An outfit made by hands with an ecological design. And yes, we are also happy to customize our design to fit your body perfectly. This is our perfectionism methodology in this fashion business. We believe in a human perfectionist body, an outfit only receives its own definition once it was worn by you.

Whether you are shopping in the plus size section or petite section, we have a unique design, made only for you that will perfectly fit your body. We are proud of creating elegance and making elegance accessible for most of you.

Most importantly, like the ocean hugs the shore, each design at Yvette LIBBY N’Guyen Paris reflects our fashion faith. This would not only include the retro genderfluid and ecological fashion, but also animal friendly and skin sensible material. All of our products are strictly supervised by our expert in material and environment to make sure that they are all naturally made but not harming the wildlife and environment. Generally speaking, we are proud of our production as we are taking advantage of the animal waste, without harming them or their living conditions, all of the buttons and feathers are from their cycle. Their natural mounthing, during this time, the animal generally loses their coats (either nails, hair or feather), using our gentle method of harvesting and taking their waste. For this scope of the Metallic Fate collection, the composition is focused on the following materials:

  • Vinyl faux leather, with or/and without 4-way stretch spandex
  • Premium felt velvet in pleated technique
  • Silky brocade
  • Nubuck leather
  • Natural goose down
  • Natural shell
  • Stainless metal

A lot of our designs are using limited materials and resources, because of this, not more than two pieces are the same. The wearer can also feel more comfortable while confidently expressing themselves in the most unique way.

Image: Yvette Libby N'Guyen

A big big thank you!

Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen Paris will be represented at New York Fashion Week 2023. Not only Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen Paris followers but also fashion- lovers eagerly expect and wait for the runway to occur between the 9th and 15th of this February.

The New York Fashion Runway week also opens the remarkable chapter of the Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen Paris designer house, well-known for Retro designs with an inclusive-ecological-unisex style, to the United States markets. Yvette LIBBY N’Guyen Paris after many years successfully rewarding in PR,  enthusiasts à-la-mode awareness, and sales in the Paris boutique, we are also happy to have such a diverse fanclub all around the world. This collaboration between Wolf & Badger and Yvette LIBBY N’Guyen Paris marks an essential chapter in our business. Starting that by the event following the New York Fashion show on the 12th of February.

Image: Yvette Libby N'Guyen

The new marketplace means more challenges, this is also exciting-thrilled news. Our team has been reaching for the American Dream for a long time but that dream also demands more legal duties, paperworks, and resources. This year, 2023, starting with the New York Fashion show, we are popping the champagne while expanding to many more markets, the grand new collection, Metallic Fate–Mission – Impossible to dream coming true!, event collaborating with the Wolf & Badger SoHo store, New York city. For this mission our nostalgic fashion designer, Lib, first got her inspiration for all of the designs in the collection presenting the novel 'The Godfather'.

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