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Design your own forever wardrobe with the first on demand, slow fashion app

By Sponsor

26 Nov 2021


Image: The Shopperbird team

What is Shopperbird?

As fashion moves into an easily accessible, digital future, Shopperbird reveals to be the first FashTech (Fashion Technology) start-up that takes a step further than traditional e-commerce pages.

Shopperbird’s concept, allowing customers to be the owners of their own style, is something we never heard or seen before in the Fashion Industry so far. Some may laugh at such idilliac and out of the box idea, but others ,who already poured £70,000 on a concept soon to reach a £20m valuation in 6 months, think differently.

Shopperbird dares to take a stand on transparency and sustainability making its endeavour controversial but appealing at the same time, bringing more than 10,000 people to join a pre-launch waiting list in less than 6 months without a functional MVP.

Founder and CEO, Paolo Casula states: “Waste, manipulation, lies, that’s fashion for me. Many talk, few act. Businesses just care about profit. We are driven by awareness and action, not greed. Profit will follow as the right customers and investors will.”

Image: The Shopperbird app

How does the App work?

The App focuses on involving customers in the production process of the garments they buy. In two easy steps (clothes and fabric selection) customers enter in a chat with a fashion designer.

In the chat customers will be able to come up with unique garments styles with the help of fashion designers. They have full freedom of expression on their shopping experience.

Fashion designers can send quotes and get paid in the app. The communication happens and stays in the App where fashion designers constantly update customers with images and videos of their production progress.

Why should I use the App?

  1. The App includes a vast array of choices within the fashion spectrum, from jackets to shoes to accessories and bags. The on-demand business model and the fast turnover allows the app to assume a dynamic offering constantly changing over time.
  2. Everything in the app is made to be transparent from the origin of the product to the sourcing of the fabrics and the production process itself is free of any “spooky” supply chain or “greenwashing” marketing content.
  3. Shopperbird has a strict fabric and quality standard policy while testing, sampling and selecting fashion designers. Rules like ONLY sustainable, natural and recycled fabrics and strict QA and monthly review checks are one of those.
  4. Last but not least is gender neutrality, you want a skirt and you are a guy? We are on it. It’s Christmas and you want to wear green? Perfect. We do not discriminate, we make clothes for literally anyone!

Why shop with Shopperbird?

The current fashion system is built upon waste, lies and manipulation. Fashion designers are not recognised for their talent and customers do not have many alternatives. Shopperbird cuts the middle man connecting fashion designers directly with customers.

Shopperbird wants to turn back the pages of history when people used to go to the cobbler, to the hat maker and to the bag maker. Shopperbird values human interaction and, why not, its imperfection that delivers uniqueness to individuals.

We live our lives looking for perfection which puts incredible stress on individuals and younger generations. Fashion through social media channels is a cause of depression and feelings of inadequacy.

We value “Wabisabi” (japanese: perfect imperfection). Imperfection is what makes us humans and gives us a purpose to our lives; knowing someone is different out there. The right question you should ask us now would be: “Why not to shop with shopperbird?”

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