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Maison Valentino launches conscious driven hub on website

By Rachel Douglass

2 Jun 2022


Image: Maison Valentino

Maison Valentino has revealed a new conscious driven area to its website, Creating Shared Value, unveiling the house’s daily operations and commitments to green transformation.

The continuously updated hub allows users to interact with the Italian label’s world, with each of its values touched upon in three sections of the platform – People, Planet and Product – alongside its key principles and dedicated initiatives.

While People dives into the human component of the Maison, through which it has pledged to apply an inclusive internal culture to the company, Planet sees Valentino express its commitment to transparent practices and an eco-conscious business model.

Within this division, the luxury house has detailed a new partnership with Karma Metrix, coinciding with the launch of the online hub, for which it will implement the company’s digital-forward sustainability measuring system and carry out a study on how to raise awareness of the topic internally.

Additionally, its Product section covers how the brand is adapting its heritage to the needs of today’s consumers, detailing manufacturing processes, the new meaning of luxury and the exploration of greener practices.

To tell its story through the hub, Valentino selected writer and director Ainslie Henderson to lead a stop motion video that documents what the platform stands for and implements cultural discourse, it said in a release.