In Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery London

This year’s edition of White Gallery London - an international trade event focussing on bridal fashion - held on the 14-16 May 2017 showcased a premium selection of high-end bridal wear and bridal accessories including shoes, jewelry, veils as well as occasionwear for men and woman.

Visiting retailers had a chance to preview 2018 collections of over 70 British and international designers. Next to lined up exhibitors, the program of the event offered numerous runway shows and thematic talks. To get a glimpse of a catwalk shows scroll down.

On the catwalk: Alan Hannah Collection 2018

In Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery London

On the catwalk: Savin London Collection 2018

In Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery London

On the catwalk: Sassi Holford Collection 2018

In Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery London

British Talents Show

In Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery LondonIn Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery London

The 8th edition of White Gallery London was held at Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park in London.

In Pictures: Bridal 2018 Collections at show White Gallery London During the month of May FashionUnited will focus on bridal wear. For all reads on bridal wear, click here.

Photo credits: White Gallery London

New Düsseldorf footwear trade show confirms dates

Igedo has confirmed that a new footwear and accessories trade show, Gallery Shoes will launch in Düsseldorf this August and will feature more than 400 labels.

Taking place from August 27-29 at Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf, Gallery Shoes will work in a similar way to its fashion sister event Gallery and will be divided into sections - premium, contemporary, urban, comfort and kids. Which project director Ulrike Kähler explained was planned to make Gallery Shoes “a competent, expressive and international trade show platform”.

New Düsseldorf footwear trade show confirms dates

Organisers hope that the trade show will offer a “fresh vibe” and a new start in Düsseldorf for the international shoe business with a “focus on orders”. With between 8,000 and 10,000 international visitors from Northern, Central and Eastern Europe expected to attend.

The trade show has around 113,000 square foot of space and can cater for 500 labels, and for its first edition Igedo confirmed that it already had 400 confirmed including brands from the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey and Croatia.

New Düsseldorf footwear trade show confirms dates

Gallery Shoes trade show to launch in August

Confirmed brands in the premium area includes Abro, billi bi Copenhagen, Calvin Klein, Candice Cooper, Chie Mihara, Floris van Bommel, Fred de la Bretoniere, G.H. Bass, Hundred 100, Juicy Couture, Karl Lagerfeld, Katy Perry Collection, Lola Cruz, Pertini, Primabase and RAS.

There is also a host of agencies exhibiting including Agentur de Silvio, Butz and Krum, Landen and Landen, Oderlounge Fashion and Shoe Mission Germany, as well as top agents like Gabi Heininger, Ingrid Höing, Evelyn Muth and Marc Zimmermann.

New Düsseldorf footwear trade show confirms dates

The Contemporary and Urban zone, the largest area of Gallery Shoes, will cover three merging halls in the venue, and will include brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, KanagRoos, Vagabond, Jack and Jones Footwear, Buffalo, and Tamaris.

The Comfort zone will have an adjoining outdoor area for its brands to showcase, which include Berkemann, Briggs, Bonova, Christian Dietz, Fidelio, Finn Comfort, Ganter, Jomos, Manz, PieSanto, Semler, Ströber and Vital. While yhe Kids Zone will sit directly opposite the Contemporary and Urban section and will feature brands Akido Kids, Froddo, Jochie and Freaks, Moschino Kids, Naturino, Pinocchio, and Unisa Kids.

The shoe collections will be complimented by bags and accessories brands.

Gallery Shoes in August will be followed by two events in 2018, the first being from March 11-13 and from September 2-4.

Images: courtesy of Gallery Shoes

Tommy Hilfiger and Paul Smith to show at Pitti Uomo 92

Tommy Hilfiger is returning to Pitti Uomo's 92nd edition, the men's fashion tradeshow destination in Italy. From June 13-16, Florence will welcome back both Tommy Hilfiger, who showed last January at Pitti Uomo '91, as well as Sir Paul Smith.

With the action taking place both inside and outside the walls of Fortezza da Basso, the designers will present their Spring / Summer 2018 Hilfiger Edition and PS collection by Paul Smith at the fair this season.

Tommy Hilfiger will show in the Ottogonal Hall and present a 'Store of the Future', a retail project that aims to digitize the brand stores in the next two years following the 'Digital show-room' introduced in Florence six months ago.

PS by Paul Smith will be showcased in the Pavilion of the Gravel, in addition to the Spring Summer 2018 collection also being shown during a Fortress event.

Photo credit: @TommyHilfiger, Pitti Uomo 91

Cindy Bellamy of Aarvee Denims and Imports Ltd. shows us what the major styles and materials are in denim this season at New York Kingpins. Kingpins is one of the biggest denim tradeshows in the world, with shows also taking place in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. In this video, Bellamy takes us through fabrics, discusses the inspiration taking from 80s and 90s trends and shows us natural denim.

Some of Aarvee’s most popular pieces include their outerwear and denim jackets due to the revival in Western and trucker style jackets. It’s all about the stretch this season too. Above all else, remember to never underestimate the power of a good mood board.

Pure London launches new theme for SS18

Leading London fashion trade fair Pure London has launched its new campaign for its Spring/Summer 2018 edition, set to take place this July. Known as Oriental Futures, Pure's new campaign has been described as a ‘cultural fusion’ which sees Eastern-inspired artistry merge with futuristic and celestial approaches.

Pure London launches new theme for SS18

The new theme, which was inspired by WGSN trend forecast, aims to develop a fashion movement which brings together two fundamental ideas - interplanetary trade and oriental culture. Oriental Future, which focuses on unity and collaboration across cultures and locations, draws reference from a number of Eastern artistries, as well as the universe’s unique constellations. Together these elements create Pure London’s new creative campaign, which will be displayed on its website, as well as across its upcoming trade event at Olympia London in July.

Pure London launches new theme for SS18

Over 800 brands have signed on to exhibition their latest collection at Pure London, which is set take place from July 23 to 25, 2017.

Photos: Courtesy of Pure London

“Playtime Berlin”: First trade show for children’s fashion in Germany


New opportunities for the children’s fashion sector. Giving pride of place to collaborative society and openness to others, Playtime, the trade show dedicated to children’s fashion, will spend the summer united on the theme of “All Together.” After Paris, New York and Tokyo the organiser of the event, the Picaflor company, will head to Berlin at the start of July for the very first trade show that will bring 120 collections together.

First Playtime Berlin trade show this year. What are your expectations?

Over several seasons we have come to the conclusion that buyers from Germany, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe travel less than their European counterparts at Playtime Paris. However, these are markets that offer major commercial opportunities for the brands that we support, so we have taken the initiative of setting up this new rendez-vous to go and find the buyers where they are. Geographically, Berlin is ideally situated for reaching these markets, the city already has a men’s and women’s fashion week of significant importance and no other children’s fashion trade show in Germany is now benefiting from opening up internationally like Playtime.

The trade show will be held over two days, this coming 5 and 6 July, and it will bring together 120 children’s fashion and lifestyle brands at Palazzo Italia, which is ideally located near to Charlottestrasse in the very heart of the city.

What is your prediction for this new German event?

It’s a launch for which we have high expectations but we also know that, like the other Playtime trade shows, it will take time and a very close collaboration with the brands that join us which are, in the main, very committed to this new project. This is a first event and although we have not put a precise number on our target, the work that we are carrying out is intended to attract 1500 buyers over two days.

“Playtime Berlin”: First trade show for children’s fashion in Germany

How does the children’s fashion sector work in Germany?

Consumption in Germany is high, one of the highest in Europe, and the children’s sector benefits directly from this growth. However, when we speak of the children’s market, we are obliged to do so with a great deal of caution since from nursery equipment to young fashion via the baby, décor and gift sectors, we are dealing with many different markets …

In general, the German market is sensitive to environmentally-aware brands, often favouring a casual style, but it is also changing and today it is increasingly curious about designer brands. When we look at Austria and further east to Poland, we see a real creative melting-pot, with strong contenders in new brands. Russian buyers, once exclusively interested in deluxe brands, must respond to new public demand for exceptional items and where better to find the answer to this demand than by turning to the designers?

It is in order to keep in touch with all these changes that we are launching Playtime Berlin.

What will be the theme of the upcoming summer Playtime trade shows? Will the products offered be similar in each city?

This summer we are exploring the theme of “All Together”, working with trends rooted in communal life, giving pride of place to collaborative society and openness to others.

This general theme and the children’s fashion trends derived from it will be adopted by every one of our four trade shows, with different designers in each country.

As for the range of brands, it is adapted to each market, with the needs and specific features appropriate to each one.

How do you select which brands to show? Where do they come from?

We have always favoured brands with a clear identity, those that tell a story via a “world” of their own and which also have the ability to communicate it! We try to cover different styles and to have a complementary range, with lifestyle and accessories also increasingly having their place alongside ready-to-wear. It is also important to always have innovation in the trade shows, so we keep a close eye on new brands.

The selection is made by a team led by Chantal Danguillaume, our Sales Director, who is above all a fashion fan and a professional who is aware of all aspects of the development of a brand. Above all,the selection of brands is made on the basis of our fashion and design experience.

“Playtime Berlin”: First trade show for children’s fashion in Germany

Which sector is seeing the greatest growth within Playtime?

The range of décor products offered has grown enormously and it has become richer from show to show, although today it has gone beyond the strict definition of ‘décor’ so as to be more accurately included within a new ‘Lifestyle’ grouping. From table decoration to bedlinen via gifts, cosmetics, accessories, pyjamas and nursery equipment design, there is a need to respond to demand for diversity in the products offered to which an increasing number of fashion shops are turning every day.

Tell us about the pop-up store that will be opening soon in Isetan (Tokyo). Why have you chosen this format?

We have maintained a long-standing business relationship with Isetan. They have been buying at the Tokyo show since it was launched and they also regularly come to the Paris show to supplement their seasonal purchases.

They asked us to enliven their Kids Floor with this pop-up during the Japanese Golden Week (public holiday week), so we seized this opportunity to enter new territory and to see to what extent we could address the end consumer. It’s something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time and it was important to do it with reliable partners.

Could Dino Mignon, the new Canadian children’s fashion trade show, eclipse Playtime New York?

85 per cent of our visitors to NY consist of buyers from the United States who do not go to Canada for children’s fashion trade shows. Moreover, these buyers represent the core of the North American market, so I do not believe that the comparison between Playtime NY and a Canadian local show is valid.

“Playtime Berlin”: First trade show for children’s fashion in Germany

Which are the best consumer countries in this sector?

Based on the visitors to Playtime Paris, European countries with a strong designer fashion culture take the lead (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia) followed by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China which is gradually developing an interest in top-range children’s collections.

Playtime is becoming a “travelling” international trade show. Are you thinking of a new destination for next year?

We’re thinking about it but for the moment we want to concentrate on the existing eight Playtime shows in Paris, Tokyo, NY and Berlin which have to be consolidated and developed.

What developments have you seen in “Playologie”, Playtime’s virtual showroom, since its creation in 2014?

Today, Playologie has gone way beyond the single Playtime framework since it has recently opened up to all areas of fashion and design: women’s, men’s, children’s and maternity fashion and décor/design. There’s a growing desire to respond to the constantly growing demand of shops for a wider range.

The start of 2017 has been characterised by strong demand for brands, an increase in registrations linked to searches conducted these days by more businesses for new effective tools and new ways of working, both of which complement the physical shows and open up new opportunities for growth.

Here are the dates of the next trade shows:

Playtime Paris, from 1 to 3 July 2017

Playtime Berlin, 5 and 6 July 2017

Playtime New York, from 6 to 8 August 2017

Playtime Tokyo, from 22 to 24 August 2017

Photos: courtesy of Playtime.

Luxury French footwear designer Christian Louboutin is to make his Pitti Uomo debut with a “one-of-a-kind project” at the menswear tradeshow that will feature a competitive sporting event.

Taking place on June 13, the “engaging sporting event” will be held in a historic location in the centre of Florence and will feature Christian Louboutin Homme’s collection showcased by eight competing teams from the “four corners of the globe”.

Pitti guests will be invited to watch the tournament, but also, should they wish, they can participate in a series of masterclasses led by the sportsmen themselves. However, the types of sports have yet to be revealed.

“Florence to me has always been a city of leisure. For the first time, I am happy to mix leisure and the pleasure of my work there,” said Louboutin in a statement.

The 92nd edition of Pitti Uomo takes place from June 13-16 in Florence, Italy.

Africa Sourcing & Fashion Week 2017 will focus on sustainability

Africa Sourcing & Fashion Week (ASFW), taking place at Millennium Hall in Ethiopia's capital Addis Abeba from 3 to 6 October 2017, will focus on sustainability and its central theme “Sustainability in Clothing”.

Given that currently, clothing and textiles represent about seven percent of world exports - a percentage that is likely to rise - the trade fair puts particular emphasis on production, the environment and certifications. A fashion show, trend area and matchmaking platform for finding business contacts are just some of the other programme highlights.

From this year onward, Messe Frankfurt's three trade fair brands Texworld, Apparel Sourcing and Texprocess have been integrated into ASFW after Messe Frankfurt reached an agreement with the fair's organiser Trade and Fairs East Africa last year. More than 250 international exhibitors from 25 countries worldwide are expected to participate.

Because the origins of fashion and sustainable production are becoming particularly relevant to more and more fashion buyers, ASFW is anticipating an increasing interest in eco fashion and will present new approaches in this regard. Fast fashion giant H&M, GIZ (Society for International Cooperation) Ethiopia as well as circular economy and resource efficiency experts of WRAP and development agency Solidaridad will present sustainable solutions.

In addition, international manufacturers of textile machines will showcase new technologies for the African market. This includes the Italian textile machine association ACIMIT, which will be represented with a range of product innovations.

Africa Sourcing & Fashion Week 2017 will focus on sustainability

Visiors also look forward to the annual fashion show with African creations as well as the designer conference where experts will give presentations on “International fashion – designed in Africa”. In terms of trends, trend forecasting and analytics company WSGN will present future trends in women's, men's and children's clothing while “Trend House” showcases international trends made in Africa.

The ASFW will take place for the seventh time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2017. It serves as a meeting point for garment manufacturers and the east African textile industry, focusing on apparel fabrics, leather, fashion and fashion accessoires to home and contract textiles, technical textiles and the processing and care of textiles. Machine manufacturers for garment production, CAD/CAM systems, printers, inks and accessories also have a strong presence.

Photos: Africa Sourcing & Fashion Week website
Scotch & Soda to show at Premium Berlin

Amsterdam denim brand Scotch & Soda will show for the first time at international fashion trade fair Premium Berlin, which will take place from 4 to 6 July 2017 at Station Berlin. The brand's presence at the trade fair supports a recent increase in investment in Germany as part of Scotch & Soda’s strategic growth plan.

“Berlin’s naturally buzzy, creative and open spirit is a lot like Amsterdam, our home city. Premium Berlin feels like the right event to profile Scotch & Soda at, as part of our growth plan in this key market. We look forward to making the space at Premium our own, showing the full Scotch & Soda offering for our main line,” commented Alex Jaspers, global director of merchandising at Scotch & Soda.

At Premium Berlin, the brand will present its spring summer 2018 lines for men and women in a 220 square meter space that includes an outdoor terrace. In the past year, Scotch & Soda has invested in three permanent showrooms in Germany: a 1.500 square meter space in Dusseldorf and two 600 square meter spaces in Hamburg and Munich. In addition, a new shop-in-shop concept with accompanying refreshed P.O.S. concepts has been rolled out with wholesalers across Germany, where a team of 25 sales experts led by sales director for Germany, Andreas Firneburg, services the market.

The decision to participate in Premium Berlin is part of a number of steps implemented to drive the brand's growth in Germany, including two seasonal instalments of Scotch & Soda’s first global campaign “From Amsterdam, From Everywhere.” A third phase of the brand campaign is currently in development and will be released in fall winter 2017.

The brand also just launched an exclusive denim capsule collection together with Universal Brand Development featuring Felix the Cat, the world's oldest cartoon character. The capsule collection offers denim and sports apparel for men, women and children that has been inspired by Felix the Cat. It will be launched in addition to the Amsterdam Blauw SS18 collection and will be supported by launch activities in October and November of this year.

Photo: Scotch & Soda PR
Denim Première Vision: 5 innovations not to be missed!

Paris - On the eve of its tenth anniversary, Denim Première Vision demonstrated what might be tomorrow’s denim. The buzz at the Paris Event Center on 26th and 27th April was all about ecology and technology. “If ecology is the major topic for the whole industry and has experienced real evolution, then technology remains associated with active sport, namely performing-fibre products, for example, with a vintage look”, explains Marion Foret, fashion product manager of Denim Première Vision.

A greener denim

In the field of recyclable denim, Advance Denim (China) displayed a canvas combining 100 percent recyclable cotton and filament (Solucell®). The recycling of cotton/polyester mixes is usually impossible as fibres cannot be separated. Here, this action is possible because Solucell® dissolves in water thus enabling both fibres to be recycled. The idea is like inviting the consumer to take their used denim to the shop and from there it will be sent back to the factory so that the product can be fully recycled.

Denim Première Vision: 5 innovations not to be missed!

At M&J Group, innovation involves the reduction of laundry costs. Water, energy, chemical products…by means of a full-cycle monitoring and measuring system enables complete traceability of the denim canvas production process, all measures are taken into account in order to help the implementation of a consumption reduction plan. The only one of its kind, this software should soon be available at various launderettes.

A revolution is at last taking place on the display shelves of Artistic Fabric Mills (Pakistan) who aim to stock articles with a QR code allowing access to production information for jeans. As an overview, the strategy of the company’s ecology manager is to provide full transparency of the production process: from cotton to the finished garment. This already involves a mix of eco-responsible fibres (bio cotton, cotton BCI, recycled coolmax polyester), a greener dye (reduced amount of water used), a cleaner wash….“This kind of approach which aims to attract the consumer is very new for manufacturers”, outlines Marion Foret. “We are entering the era of global traceability which allows customers to understand the product manufacturing process.”

The technological side

Meanwhile, another world enables the discovery of tomorrow’s denim. This way, the artist Pauline Van Dongen, was able to present Solaar Windbraker: a recycled, waterproof denim jacket featuring solar panels. Concealed within the lining is a battery recharged by means of flexible solar panels thus allowing any mobile technology (telephone, camera, GPS…) to be recharged even with little sun. A smartphone can also be recharged wirelessly.

American streetwear brand Rochambeau displayed one of its limited edition jackets with Avery + Evrythng (15 units were marketed in December 2016). Equipped with microchips and QR codes concealed in the lining, it enables access to exclusive content. The wearer can use their smartphone to interact with the technology concealed in the jacket. It offers a tour of New York city and suggests unique points to the user for a personal itinerary (art galleries, shops, events or restaurants).

Written by Céline Vautard for FashionUnited France

Denim Première Vision: 5 innovations not to be missed! For all our articles on Denim, click here.

Foto: Denim Première Vision