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BBB launches 14 oz. store

By FashionUnited


Fashion trade fair Bread & Butter Berlin will see the launch of concept store 14 oz. (spelled “fourteen ounce”) on July 17th, 2008.

The 14 oz. store will take residence of the listed house built in 1890 by Alfred Nessel in a neo-renaissance style located on Neue Shonhauser Strasse 13 in Berlin-Mitte, which is. Artists will design the interior with a concept matching the building’s exterior. A backyard with patio completes the property, and is enclosed by 22m high historical brick wall. The wall will be used as a projection surface for the screening of movies or as a historical backdrop for fashion shows.

The brand portfolio of 14 oz. focuses on denim, and other segments include Ladies Fashion, Non Denim Menswear, Outerwear, Shoes and Accessories. The quality and authenticity is essential for the brand selection. Only high quality, eco-conscious genuine brands with a strong profile and philosophy behind their products will be selected by 14 oz.

14 oz. is a subsidiary of Bread & Butter Holding GmbH, which guarantees to incorporate the entire power of the tradeshow.

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