Benetton unveils collection supporting women empowerment

London - Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton is launching a new collection, ‘A Collection Of Us,’ as part of its Benetton Women Empowerment Programme.

The ‘A Collection Of Us’ will feature four capsule collections released in October, December, February and April, and will each be designed to underline the brand’s core principles - heritage, technique, colour and performance, as part of Benetton’s revamping of its brand identity.

To coincide with the collection, which also marks Benetton’s 50th anniversary, the Italian fashion brand also launched a five-year programme aimed at addressing issues rather than just raising awareness of them, to help support the empowerment of women across the globe.

The 2 million dollar, five-year commitment aims at supporting sustainable livelihoods for women in the garment industry, in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, which stated that women should receive sustainable livelihood, non-discrimination and equal opportunities, as well as access to quality education and healthcare.

Benetton unveils collection supporting women empowerment

Benetton launches knitwear collection to highlight women empowerment

The initiative launched with a film showing men’s reactions to childbirth and is being underpinned by the ‘A Collection Of Us’ collections and marketing campaign, which features four models from different generations and backgrounds talking about their ideas around emancipation and empowerment.

The Benetton Women Empowerment Programme will start in Asia, and will include activities aimed at achieving sustainable livelihoods for women working in the textile and garment supply chain, as well as provide them with training and education on subjects including gender issues, basic rights and economic sustainability for women and their families. The scheme will also offer financial resources such as offering the women microcredit loans.

Each of the capsule collections centres around colour, knitwear and innovation, with the first rolling out this month dedicated to Benetton’s archives. This will be followed by a Nutcracker collection in December, a Carnival-inspired line in February, and a collection dedicated to Sport in April.

Images: Benetton - A Collection Of Us


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