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Demand for vintage clothing skyrockets during lockdown


Demand for vintage clothing skyrockets during lockdown

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

6 Apr 2021

Consumers are being inspired by nostalgia for retro fashion during lockdown, with new research suggesting a soaring demand for vintage clothing in the UK.

According to UK vintage retailer Cloak Vintage, Google Shopping searches for vintage fashion has skyrocketed, due to the popularity of 1980s themed shows being binge-watched and an increase in online shopping.

Google Shopping searches for ‘Vintage Shirts’ increased by 94 percent in December 2020, and again by 50 percent in March 2021, while ‘80s Sweater’ searches saw a “huge spike” in the last week of February.

Social media is also driving vintage demand, with the hashtag #VintageClothing and #VintageFashion both being used on more than 10 million posts in 2021.

Cloak Vintage explains that it is being driven by the popularity of 1980s shows like It’s A Sin, with the hashtag #1980s being used for 2,056,250 posts, and #80sFashion for 1,735,984 posts.

Over the last six months, Cloak Vintage, known for selling retro clothing for men and women, has reported a 134 percent increase in revenue and an 80 percent increase in traffic.

Robert Wisely, managing director of Cloak Vintage, said in a statement: “The 1980s were a really iconic time for fashion, and it’s amazing to see it coming back in such a big way. For a long time, muted colours and simple shapes were a big trend thanks to influencers like the Kardashians, but we’re seeing a huge surge in bright, bold fashion that makes a statement.

“The popularity of shows like ‘It’s a Sin’ and ‘Stranger Things’ has undoubtedly impacted our nostalgia for retro fashion, and combined with the time spent binge-watching due to lockdowns, and an increase in online shopping, we’ve seen a staggering spike in sales and traffic.

“It’s great to see a move away from fast fashion, and into more eco-friendly and sustainable fashion options.”