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Helsinki Digital Fashion Week Overview

By Trendstop


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Whilst the major fashion capitals have had to play catch up, Helsinki Fashion Week had already been exploring cyberspace as an alternative to a physical event, far in advance of the COVID19 crisis. Initially conceived as a response to the environmental crisis, Helsinki’s approach has proven very timely and the July 2020 edition offered an immersive experience full of innovation.

Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers the key insights from Helsinki’s digital-only Spring Summer 2021 designer showcase.

The Fabric of Reality

Immersive worlds that transported their audience were key to the success of Helsinki Fashion Week. A 360-degree experience that featured music and graphics alongside the fashion, the Fabric of Reality experience offered guests the chance to visit three portals created by designers Damara Inglês, Charli Cohen and Sabinna Rachimova as well as meet them and other attendees in avatar form.

A Digital Village

Not content with merely pre-ordering physical garments, at Helsinki’s Digital Village concept, visitors could also be ‘dressed’ in a digital outfit. By Sunday 3,000 transactions had taken place on the platform and it’s unique structure and use of digital certificates and profiles allowed for greater transparency and accountability across the supply chain.

A VR Partnership

To make the digital event work, designers such as Patrick McDowell, Inglês and Cohen were partnered with tech firms, 3D artists and creative agencies including NDA Paris and Soldats Films to come up with their experiences. For designers, taking to the digital realm offered a host of new possibilities and freedom from past constraints, from choice of venue to the perfect shade of colour or unlimited supplies of fabric.

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